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David Rees -
Get Your War On, My Filing Technique is Unstoppable, and more..
First of 80 pages of Get Your War
First page of Get Your War

Some B. Kliban Cartoons -
A favorite cartoonist. Back in the day, I had his books, Whack Your Porcupine and Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head
B. Kliban at Wikipedia -

The Church of the Subgenius -


Dilbert, by Scott Adams -

The Onion -

Cracked - - Demotivational Products

This Modern World -

Bizarre Records -

Gallery of Regrettable Foods

Satire Wire

Jeff Lindsay's Cracked Planet

Strange But True Facts

News of the Weird

The Dialectizer


Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection (

Reemco - Be afraid

rec.humor.funny website

Guinness World Records

Penn and Teller

Where's George?

Bad Managers

Landover Baptist

Quotes from Yoda -

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