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I'm not much of an "art person", just some interesting stuff I've found....

The Case Against Art - John Zerzan
Just some things to think about.

Some Thoughts on Religious Art - Huston Smith
Some very interesting ideas.

R. Crumb official site

Mack White Another favorite comic artist - Many comics online - Cool website! - Justin Blyth's Image Blog - Online Journal of Visionary Art

Alex Grey -

Martina Hoffman -

The Maestro - You Must See This Film!

Ron English -

Jack Cooper's Fractal Art -

Visionary Psychedelic Surrealism by Myztico -

Frank Frazetta unofficial site - Frank Frazetta official site -

Abdul Mati Klarwein -

Patrick Roddey - photographer - - Luke Brown
World Wide Arts Resources
Art Source
Yahoo - Arts
Yahoo - Museums/Galleries/Centers
Yahoo - Masters
Mark Harden's Artchive
Art History Web Resources
Vatican Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Louvre
Smithsonian Museum
Asian Art
Electric Art Gallery
Salvador Dali Museum
World of Escher
Photos from Scanning Electron Microscopes
Nexuses List of Art Zines
Peter Edgington
Huichole Art
Iasos Gallery of Visionary Art
Society For Art of Imagination -
Museum of Bad Art
H.R. Giger
Juxtapoz Magazine
Neuroscience Art Gallery
Illegal Art
Bad Press Books
Design Within Reach (Furniture) - Check out the book How to See
Obey Giant - Links
Learning to Love You More
Larry Carlson
Goliath Books
Banksy - Venus Erotic Art Museum - Michael Manning

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