Atlases of Human Anatomy

An Atlas of Human Anatomy is a book of pictures of all the parts of the human physical body. These books are used by medical students and doctors for study and reference. They are also useful for anyone who works on the human body - physical therapists, massage therapists, bodyworkers, bodybuilders, athletes of all kinds, yoga students, yoga teachers. And of course since we all have bodies, anyone may find these books interesting. There are also textbooks on anatomy, or more commonly, anatomy and physiology (A&P) which explain how the body works. These are also very interesting books. Atlases mainly just have pictures. There are also many atlases which specialize in just some parts of the body.

Atlases of human anatomy can be found in libraries and in larger bookstores. They are usually kind of expensive but used copies can be found more cheaply in used bookstores and on eBay or Amazon. Most of the atlases on eBay will show up if you just search on "atlas anatomy", but you can search "human anatomy" and/or search descriptions and titles and many more books will show up.

There are several major current atlases of human anatomy. These are: Clemente, Grant, Netter, Pernkopf, Sobotta, and the more recent Thieme (which are all illustrated with drawings) and also McMinn and Rohen/Yokochi (which are illustrated with photographs). A detailed listing of these major atlases follows. If you find these books useful, you may want to get more than one, since they are all different. It can even be useful to have different editions of the same atlas. If you are a medical student, it may be useful to get one of the photographic atlases. Most people who will not be disecting cadavers or performing surgery would probably be better off with the non-photographic atlases. Clemente and Netter would probably be the best choices for most people. Sobotta is more expensive (and Clemente uses plates from Sobotta), Pernkopf is not easily obtainable (and is very expensive), and Grant's seems to be a bit less respected than Clemente or Netter (it is definitely a serious atlas, but the illustrations may be a bit less spectacular than those in the other atlases).

There are also many older atlases and lesser known or less important atlases. I'll also list some of these - just kind of a random list of ones I have found out about so far. For a large list of what is currently available, you can search on "human anatomy atlas" at

I am not a doctor or medical student, I just find these books interesting. In fact, I think these are the most amazing books in the world. If you haven't seen one of these major atlases, go to a library or bookstore and have a look!

Also, some web links are listed at the bottom of this page.

The Major Atlases of Human Anatomy

Anatomy: A Regional Atlas of the Human Body
Carmine D. Clemente, Ph.D.

With illustrations from Sobotta and (in the 2nd and later editions) from Pernkopf.

Here's the first 2 paragaphs from Clemente's Preface to the first edition:

   "Twenty-five years ago, while a student at the University of Pennsylvania, I marvelled at the clarity, completeness, and boldness of the anatomical illustrations of the original German editions of Professor Johannes Sobotta's Atlas and their excellent three-volume English counterparts, the recent editions of which were authored by the late Professor Frank H. J. Figge. It is a matter of record that before World War II these atlases were the most popular ones consulted by American medical students. In the United States, with the advent of other anatomical atlases, the shortening of courses of anatomy in the medical schools, and the increase in publishing costs, the excellent but larger editions of the Sobotta atlases have become virtually unknown to a full generation of students. During the past twenty years of teaching Gross Anatomy at the University of California at Los Angeles I have found only a handful of students who are familiar with the beautiful and still unexcelled Sobotta illustrations.
   "With this background I enthusiastically accepted the proposal of creating a single-volume atlas from the Sobotta plates and those subsequently drawn by Professor Erich Lepier of Vienna, with the objective of making this teaching resource material once again available to American students, this time at a relatively low cost."

1st edition 1975 Urban & Schwarzenberg 320 pages hardback
co-published in U.S. by Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia

2nd edition 1981 Urban & Schwarzenberg 387 pages hardback

3rd edition 1987 Urban & Schwarzenberg 433 pages hardback

4th edition 1997 Williams & Wilkins    unnumbered pages Paperback ISBN:0683017330

4th Edition 2001 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins -
Not sure, but I think the 4th edition was reissued under the LWW imprint. (Williams & Wilkins became Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins)
   Paperback ISBN:0781737125, ISBN13:9780781737128

5th edition April 2006 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins -
   640 pages Paperback ISBN:0781751039, ISBN13:0781751032

6th North American Edition February 2010 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins -
   752 pages Paperback ($77.95) ISBN10:1582558892,ISBN13:9781582558899


Grant's Atlas of Anatomy
J.C. Boileau Grant (1866-1973)

1st edition - 1943 (2 volumes)
   reprinted 1944 (in one volume) Williams & Wilkins Baltimore 398p, 665 illus
   reprinted 1945 Williams & Wilkins Baltimore

2nd edition - 1947 Williams & Wilkins Baltimore 496p, 591 illus
   reprinted 1948, 1949

3rd edition - 1951
   reprinted 1953, 1954

4th edition - 1956
   reprinted 1958, 1960, 1961

5th edition - 1962 pub Willimas & Wilkins (approx 500p)
   reprinted 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

6th edition - 1972
   reprinted 1973, 1980, 1982

7th edition - 1978 Edited by James E. Anderson, M.D.
   reprinted 1979, 1980, 1982

8th edition - 1985 Edited by James E. Anderson, M.D.

9th edition - 1991 Edited by Anne Agur 650p
   Major revison under new editor.
   Lots more coloration added to the black and white drawings
   Lots of interesting photos removed (including the examples of facial
   expressions caused by muscles on the face)

10th edition - August 1999 Edited by Anne M.R Agur, Ming J. Lee
   784 pages, 1034 illustrations
   Published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
   Paperback $59.95 ISBN: 0683302647
   Hardback $95.00 ISBN: 0781722608

11th edition - April 2004 Edited by Anne M.R Agur, PhD, Arthur F. Dalley II, PhD
   848 pages, 1600 illustrations
   Published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
   Paperback (with CD-ROM) $68.95 ISBN: 0781742552
   Hardback (with CD-ROM) $99.00 ISBN: 0781742560


Color Atlas of Human Anatomy
R.M.H. McMinn, R.T. Hutchings

This is a photographic atlas. An anatomy teacher (who happens to be my accountant) once told me that McMinn's is good for bones, and I then noticed that many of the bones are depicted from various angles - front, back, left, right, top, bottom.

Here are the first and last paragraphs from the Preface to the first edition:

   "The object of this atlas is to assist undergraduates and postgraduates in the study of human anatomy. Of course, good textbooks and atlases already exist and by colouring arteries red and nerves yellow, for example, they are justly popular as aids to learning. But so often, and especially for newcomers to the subject, the interior of the body seems to look very different from the neat diagrams in the book, and we believe it is helpful to show body strutures as they actually exist in suitably prepared specimens of the kind that students see in the dissecting room and meet in examinations. In this way we hope to bridge the gap between the description of the textbook and the reality of the body.
   "We would like to think that this book may be regarded as something more than just an aid to academic learning and the passing of examinations. The human body is indeed 'fearfully and wonderfully made', and we hope our attempt at exercising some degree of photographic artistry to display the interior of the body will lead to a wider appreciation of the fact that beauty of form is not limited to the exterior."

1st edition - 1977 - 352p
  Edited by R.M.H. McMinn, R.T. Hutchings
  Published by Yearbook Medical Publishers, Inc. Chicago
  Reprinted 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982
  Hardback, ISBN: 0815158238

2nd edition - 1988 - 358 pages
   Edited by R.M.H. McMinn, R.T. Hutchings, J. Pegington, P.H. Abrahams
   Mosby-Wolfe ISBN:0815158580 (pbk) ISBN:0815158513 (hardcover)

3rd edition - 1993 - 359 pages
   Publisher: Mosby Yearbook, St. Louis

4th edition - February 1998 - 368 pages
   Editors: P.H. Abrahams, R.T. Hutchings, S.C. Marks Jr.
   Publisher: Mosby-Year Book
   Paperback $47.00 ISBN: 0723427720
   Hardback $66.00 ISBN: 0723426414

5th edition - December 1, 2002 - 378 pages
   Editors: P.H. Abrahams, R.T. Hutchings, S.C. Marks Jr.
   Publisher: Mosby-Year Book
   Paperback $62.95 ISBN: 0723432120

McMinn's Clinical Atlas of Human Anatomy

A clinical atlas will show abnormal anatomy, as would be seen with various diseases and condtions, as opposed to the normal anatomy shown in a regular atlas. Not yet sure if they just changed the name on this atlas or if there are 2 versions.

6th edition - December 27, 2007 - 400 pages
   Editors: Peter H. Abrahams, Johannes M. Boone, Joanathan D. Spratt, Photography: Ralph T. Hutchings
   Publisher: Mosby-Year Book -
   Paperback (with DVD) $79.95 ISBN10:0323036058, ISBN13:9780323036054


Atlas of Human Anatomy - Frank H. Netter MD

A newer, very popular and well-respected atlas with excellent illustrations. Seems to be the current atlas of choice in medical schools. Can be found in larger bookstores. Used copies of current editions always go for top dollar on eBay.
Earlier editions published by Novartis:
Later editions published by Saunders/Elsevier:
Elsevier's Website has a special section just for Netter products:

1st edition - 1989 Novartis 514 plates
   Hardback ($79.00 new) ISBN:0914168185
   also published in paperback

2nd edition - 1997 Novartis
   Paperback ISBN:0914168819 ($65.00) pages are not numbered
   Also available with CD-ROM:
   CD-ROM only:
   Hardback 577 plates ($85.00) ISBN: 0914168800

3rd edition - Paperback - JAN 2003 Novartis
   ISBN10:1929007116 ($68.95) 590 pages

3rd edition - Hardcover - APR 2003 Saunders
   ISBN10:1929007213 594 pages

4th edition - Paperback - JUN 2006 Saunders
   ISBN10:1416033858 ($75.95) 640 pages

4th edition - Hardcover (Professional Edition) - JUL 2006 Saunders
   ISBN10:1416036997 ($129.00) 640 pages    Amazon:
   From Publisher's

5th edition - Paperback - MAY 2010 Saunders
   ISBN10:1416059512, ISBN13:9781416059516 ($79.95) 624 pages

6th edition - Hardcover - APR 9, 2014 Saunders
   ISBN10:1455758884, ISBN13:9781455758883 ($199.00) 640 pages

Prior to the publication of these atlases, Netter's medical illustrations were published in a large set of books known as the CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations. These volumes were published one at a time over several decades. They include illustrations of all types of disorders and diseases as well as of normal anatomy. The whole set is available as a collection:
The CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations 8 volumes/12books $510.00
These volumes can also be found on used on eBay or Amazon at various prices.


Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy
Eduard Pernkopf

Although this German atlas is often considered to be the finest ever produced, it has become controversial due to its recently discovered Nazi origins. The author was a Nazi and holocaust victims may have been used as specimens and models. I read somewhere that it has been banned from sale in the U.S. I don't know if that is true but it doesn't seem to be easily available.

Here are some links with more info:

Article by David J. Williams - (a detailed history with some illustrations)

Dimensions Vol 13, No 1

Ockham's Razor 08/29/99

NIH Record 09/24/96

From "A Practical Guide to Ethical Theory" by Richard Field

1st editions:
   Vol 1 1937 - General Matters, Chest and Pectoral Limb
     (Book 1 - General Topographic Anatomy)
     (Book 2 - Topographical and Stratigraphical Anatomy of the Chest and Pectoral Limbs)
   Vol 2 1941 - (2 books) Abdomen, Pelvis, and Pelvic Limb
   Vol 3 1952 - The Neck
   Vol 4 - Topographical and Stratigraphical Anatomy of the Head
     (Book 1 - 1957, Book 2 -1960)

2nd edition - 1963 2 volumes
   Vol 1 - Head and Neck - 356 pages, 332 illustrations
   Vol 2 - Thorax, Abdomen, Extremities - 421 pages, 378 illustrations
   Edited by Dr. Helmut Ferner
   Published by WB Saunders Co. - Philadelphia/London

3rd Edition - 1989 Urban & Schwarzenberg 2 volumes
   Vol 1 - Head and Neck - 403 pages, 298 color, 118 b&w illustrations
   Vol 2 - Thorax, Abdomen, Extremeties - 375 pages, 367 color 216 b&w illus
   (saw this set go for $396.00 on eBay 03/16/00 with 19 bids)


Color Atlas of Anatomy: A Photographic Study of the Human Body
Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lutjen-Drecoll

This is a photographic atlas. This is what everything actually looks like, which is interesting and may be more useful for medical students, but much messier looking than the drawings found in most atlases.

1st edition - 1983

2nd edition - 1988

3rd edition - 1993 484 pages

4th edition - 1998 486 pages hardback $64.95 ISBN10:0683304925
   published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

5th edition - March 1, 2002
   528 pages 1158 illustrations, hardback $68.95 ISBN10:0781731941
   Published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

6th edition - April 21, 2006
   528 pages hardback ISBN10:0781793807 ISBN13:9780781793803
   Published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

7th North American Edition - March 26, 2010
   556 pages, hardback $81.95 ISBN10:1582558566 ISBN13:9781582558561
   Published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins


Atlas of Human Anatomy - Johannes Sobotta (1869 - 1945)

Well-respected German atlas with exceptional illustrations. Various editions are in sets of 2 or 3 volumes. In addition to the German editions, there are English editions with nomenclature in English, English editions with nomenclature in Latin, and Arab, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish editions.

1st edition was published in 1904

1928 3 vols Johannes Sobotta, J Playfair McMurrich

4th English edition 1936 3 vols editor J Playfair McMurrich

9th English edition 1974 (based on 17th German Edition)
   In 3 volumes:
   Vol. 1 - Regions, Bones, Ligaments, Joints, and Muscles
   Vol. 2 - Visceral Anatomy
   Vol. 3 - Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System,
         Sense Organs and Skin, Peripheral Nerves and Vessels

11th English edition 1990

12th English edition November 1996 $170.00 (2 volumes) 820 pages
Edited by R. Putz, R. Pabst, Anna M. Taylor
   Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins ISBN: 0683300474
   Read about it or order it at
   Also on CD-ROM:

13th English edition December 15, 2001 hardback $170.00 (2 volumes) 833 pages
Edited by R. Putz, R. Pabst
   Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins ISBN: 0781731755
   Read about it or order it at
   Also on CD-ROM:

Thieme    (pronounced tee-ma)

This atlas is in three volumes. Vol 1 is General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System, Volume 2 is Neck and Internal Organs, and Volume 3 is Head and Neuroanatomy. The newest of the atlases, first published in Germany in 2006. More info can be found at the publisher's website here:

Atlas of Anatomy - General Anatomy and Musculoskelatal System
Editors: Michael Shuenke MD, PhD, Erik Shulte MD, Udo Shumacher MD, Edward D. Lamperti, PhD, Lawrence M Ross MD PhD.

1st edition July 24, 2005, 554 pages, 1694 illustrations
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers -
Hardback: $115.00 ISBN: 1588903583
Paperback: $64.95 ISBN: 1588903877

Atlas of Anatomy - Neck and Internal Organs
1st edition June 2006, 360 pages, 760 illustrations

Atlas of Anatomy - Head and Neuroanatomy
1st edition December 2006, 420 pages, 960 illustrations

Some Other Atlases of Human Anatomy and Related Books

Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried - (1697 - 1770)
Albinus on Anatomy Robert Beverly Hale, Terence Coyle
1989 Dover 208 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN:048625836X
Presents the work of one of the great anatomists of the past.

Barrons Atlas of Anatomy - 1997 104 pages

Bassett Atlas of Human Anatomy 1989

Bidloo, Godefridi - Anatomia Humani Corporis - 1685

Calais-Germain, Blandine - Anatomy of Movement more info

Cheselden, William - The Anatomy of the Human Body
1st American edition 1795 350 pages with 40 copperplates

Cinelnikov, R - Russian, 3 volumes 1963


The New Analytic Anatomy, Physiology and Hygeine, Human and Comparative Calvin Cutter, M.D.
1870 J.B. Lippencott, Philadelphia
1846 Boston BB Mussey & Co.
1850 Boston Benjamin B Mussey & Co.
1854 466 pages 150 engravings
2nd Book (2nd edition?) - 1871/1872 J.B. Lippencott, Philadelphia

Human Anatomy, A Text and Colour Atlas
Gosling, et al
2nd edition 1990 Gower Medical Publishing
has photos and drawings


There are many versions of Gray's Anatomy available. Henry Gray began publishing his Anatomy books in England in the 1800's. A book that is very commonly found in US bookstores is a reprint of an ancient obsolete edition, known as "The Classic Collector's Edition" which is not really an atlas (or a "collector's edition" - you can get it for a quarter at a garage sale) and has just a few black and white line drawings. For some reason this has remained a very popular book and it is what many people think of as Gray's Anatomy (and what many think of as an Atlas of Human Anatomy). I suppose it has some value but it is nothing like the Atlases described above. Here is a page about it at

Meanwhile, Gray's Anatomy has continued to be revised and published as a very serious text. I do not list it with the other atlases above as I am not familiar with it and I have the impression that it may be a bit more than just an atlas. But probably it belongs in the company of the major atlases listed above. There are British and American editions and the British editions seem to be more respected. Here is some info on the current one:

Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Medicine and Surgery
38th British Edition - August 1995 Churchill Livingstone 2092 pages
Read about it or order it at

Johns Hopkins Atlas of Functional Human Anatomy
3rd edition 1986 paperback 132 pages

Kapandji, Ibrahim Adalbert - Physiology of the Joints

Kapit, Wyn / Elson, Lawrence M.
The Anatomy Coloring Book
2nd edition July 1993 161 pages $19.99 Addison Wesley ISBN:0064550168  Amazon

Alexander Lane - Functional Human Anatomy

Maclise, Joseph - Atlas of Surgical Anatomy
1851 London 86 pages, 35 plates 1851 Philadelphia 68 plates
1870 London 68 color plates


Atlas of Human Anatomy
HC 288p Bucharest, Romania 1993
Prof. Viorel Ranga, Prof. Radu Dimitriu

Sinelnikov, R.D. - A Russian atlas, available in English and other languages.

Anatomical Atlas Illustrative of the Structure of the Human Body
Henry Smith, MD under the Supervision of William E Horner, MD
published Blanchard & Lea, Philadelphia, 1859


Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy - Werner Spalteholz

4th edition - 1923
Vol 1 Bones, Joints, Ligaments
Vol 2 Regions, Muscles, Fascial, Heart, Blood Vessels
Vol 3 Viscera, Brain, Nerves, Sense Organs

7th edition 3 vols Published by Lippencott

Stone, Robert J, Stone, Judith A.
Atlas of Skeletal Muscles
This is collection of black and white drawings, each one showing one muscle attached to the skeleton.
2nd edition - June 1997
3rd edition - July 1999 ($34.10) Spiral bound McGraw Hill ISBN: 0072903325    Amazon


An Atlas of Human Anatomy for Students and Physicians
Carl Toldt, M.D. (1840-1920)

1st edition 1919
reissued in 2 volumes in 1926

2nd edition Oct 1928
Reprinted January 1941, April 1942, September 1944
nice illustrations, all in black and white, except for some red coloring on some muscles

Tsiaris, Alexander and Werth, Barry -
The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman: The Marvel of the Human Body Revealed


Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) published a book in 1543 called De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem (On the Fabric of the Human Body in Seven Books). The book is in Latin, seven volumes, about 700 pages, with over 200 beautiful illustrations. This is one of the most classic of all medical books and also a classic of Rennaisance graphic art. For this book, Vesalius is considered to be the "father of human anatomy". Some say that modern medicine began with the publication of this book. There is a reproduction of the whole book available on CD-ROM (see below) and it looks like the Norman Publishing Company is working on publishing an English translation of the whole book in several volumes (see below). There are other books containing just the illustrations. The Dover book is widely available and very affordable.
On the Fabric of the Human Body Book 1 : A Translation of De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem (Norman Orthopedic Series, No. 4) by Andreas Vesalius
Hardback, $225.00 Norman Publishing  Amazon
On the Fabric of the Human Body, Book II : The Ligaments & Muscles (Norman Anatomy Series, 2) by Andreas Vesalius, William Frank Richardson, John Burd Carman
Hardback, $250.00, Norman Publishing  Amazon

The Illustrations from the Works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels
Subtitled: A Discussion of the Plates, and A Biographical Sketch of Vesalius With Annotations and Translations
J.B.deC.M. Sanders, Charles D. O'Malley
1973 Dover 255 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN:0486209687
(This is a reissue of a hardback edition of this book published in 1950 by World Publishing)

De Humani Corporis Fabrica - CD-ROM - 1998 Octavo Corporation $75.00

Some Vesalius Links:

Malasprina Great Books - Page on Andreas Vesalius

Vesalius Page at Oliver Ocasek Regional Medical Information Center

Vesalius - University of Virginia

Some Images can be found here

Warfel, John H.

The Head, Neck and Trunk
6th edition 1993 Lea & Feibiger 143 pages Amazon
The Extremeties
6th edition 1992 Lea & Feibiger 140 pages Amazon
This 2-volume set consists of very clear line drawings, each showing one muscle and its motor points.


5th edition 1999 2 volumes

Some Books on the Subject of Art and Anatomy

Human Anatomy (From the Renaissance to the Digital Age) - Benjamin A. Rifkin, Michael J. Ackerman, Judith Folkenberg
2006 Abrams 343 pages ($29.95 hardback) ISBN:0810955458
Covers the history of anatomical illustration. Actually the book is limited to the western tradition, and skips over the period from about 1900 up to "the digital age", covered in the last chapter. Includes short biographies the great anatomists from the 1500's through the 1900's. Probably at least 200 high-quality full-page illustrations, many in color.

The Physician's Art - Representations of Art and Medicine - Julie V. Hansen, Suzanne Porter
1999 Duke University 141 pages (paperback $29.95) ISBN:0967294612

Artists & Anatomists - A. Hyatt Mayor
1984 Artists Limited Edition / Metropolitan Museum of Art 132 pages (hardback) ISBN:(none)
This book documents an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art called "Artists & Anatomists", which was a supplementary exhibit to a major exhibition of "The Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci".

Some Anatomy Books in My Collection:
(atlases all purchased used - ebay, Amazon, used bookstores, library sales, etc)

Calais-Germaine - Anatomy of Movement
Clemente 1st edition
Clemente 2nd edition
Clemente 3rd edition
Clemente 4th edition
Clemente 6th edition (ebay - $20)
Grant's 1st edition (1944 reprint)
Grant's 8th edition
Grant's 9th edition
Marieb - Human Anatomy and Physiology - 6th edition
McMinn 1st edition
McMinn 3rd edition ($1 at library booksale)
Myers - Anatomy Trains 1st edition
Netter's 1st edition (50 cents at a library booksale!)
Netter's 3rd edition
Netter - CIBA Collection - Vol 8 - Musculoskeletal System - Part 1
Quiring/Warfel - Head Neck and Trunk 2nd edition
Rohen/Yokochi 1st edition
Rohen/Yokochi 3rd edition ($1 at a library booksale)
Sobotta 9th English edition 1974 Vol 1
Stone - Atlas of Skeletal Muscles 2nd edition
Thieme - Atlas of Anatomy - General Anatomy and Musculoskeltal System. 2006
Toldt 2nd edition Vol 1
Tortora - Principles of Anatomy and Physiology - 8th edition
Vesalius - Illustrations - Dover

Some Links:

A collection on online images from 40 or 50 historical atlases of human anatomy:

Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy

The Visible Human Project

Virtual Hospital - Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross-Section

Human Anatomy Web Sites from - The Internet Resource for Surgical Education

"The Brain and the Visual Arts"

A large list of anatomy books from

A List of Anatomy Books (A-Ten)

Anatomy, ETC.

Amazon Search "atlas anatomy"

eBay search "human anatomy" titles and descriptions

Orthoworld Anatomy Links

Anatomical Chart Company
Source for Bachin Anatomical Charts and many other charts and anatomical products.

View-Master Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy Online -

Human Anatomy Online - SUNY Downstate Medical Center - Interactive Dissector

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