Pierre Bensusan

A virtuoso acoustic guitarist. Bensusan is from France and tours worldwide. He plays in a fingerpicking style, usually in the DADGAD tuning. Lots of cool stuff on his first 4 records. The later ones get a little bit new-age/jazzy. He is awesome to see live. I saw him in Stillwater, Oklahoma with Michael Hedges. Pierre opened the show for Hedges but he played for a couple of hours. He was alone and mainly played instrumentals - long hypnotizing ones. He charmed the audience in his French accent between songs. There are some videos and he has put out a book of his guitar music.


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The Records:

Pres De Paris - Rounder CD 3023 - Originally released in Europe in 1975
Details from Rounder wesbite

2 - Rounder CD 3037 - recorded in 1976
Details from Rounder wesbite

Musiques - Rounder CD 3038 - recorded 1978 and 1979
Details from Rounder wesbite

Solilai - 1993 Rounder CD 3068 - recorded 1981 and 1988
Originally released in 1982
Details from Rounder wesbite

Spices - Rounder CD 3128
Details from Rounder wesbite

Wu Wei - 1995 Rounder CD 3138
Details from Rounder wesbite

Live au New Moring Zebra - recorded live in Paris 1997

Nice Feeling - 1999 - Zebra - compilation from first six records.

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