Some Alternative Information on COVID-19 Vaccines

Just some stuff I found around. For what its worth. Sometimes good to take a view from a different angle. Some of the sources here might not be as sound as others. (currently not really in any particular order)

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine - Christian Elliot - APR 15, 2021 (includes over 7,000 comments)

5 Concerns about SARS-CoV2 Biology: A Call to Pause, Deliberate, and Revise Policy - Jonathan Jay Couey Ph.D. - MAY 18, 2021

1. What is non-sterilizing immunity and why do asymptomatic infections in immunized populations increase the risks of the current non-sterilizing immunization campaigns?
2. Why does the SARS-CoV2 origin and unique “spike” protein biology matter to developing effective pandemic solutions?
3. How does the SARS-CoV2’s binding strength for ACE2 protein relate to antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) in humans and why does this matter to immunization policy?
4. Why could this first EUA immunization present a risk to a child’s developing immune system?
5. What are “viral swarms” and why do they impact collective (herd) immunity and a path to end this pandemic?

Julius Rueschel -

The False God of Central Planning: The Mysterious Reappearance of the Flu, Natural vs Vaccine-Induced Immunity, the Inability of the Vaccines to Control the Virus, and Other Extraordinary Lessons About the End of the Pandemic (Investigative Report) - Julius Rueschel - JAN 5, 2022

The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service) - Julius Rueschel - SEP 2, 2021
Very good indepth explanation of the science of viruses and vaccines. A long read.

Why So Many Americans are Refusing to Get Vaccinated (270 page PDF file)
By VaccineTruth Twitter: @VaccineTruth2

Should you get vaccinated? - Vaccine Truth May 25, 2021

Kids, COVID and COVID Vaccines - Substack page of Darby Shaw

Drug Companies Hide Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries, Scientist Tells FDA - Darby Shaw - OCT 28, 2021
Agency Ignores Public Pleas to Spare the Children

Fauci's Glaring Cohort Problem - And WHY HE NEEDS YOUR KID VAXXED - Part I - Darby Shaw - OCT 20, 2021

Coming for Your Kid's Cohort - Part II of "Fauci's Glaring Cohort Problem and Why He Needs Your Kid Vaxxed" - Darby Shaw - OCT 22, 2021

A Manmade Disaster - Part III of "Fauci's Glaring Cohort Problem and Why He Needs Your Kid Vaxxed" - Darby Shaw - OCT 24, 2021

Young Athletes Dying after Receiving COVID Vaccinations
This is a huge story, completely absent in mainstream media. Many athletes have been collapsing and dying during games all over the world. Many other athletes have had to suspend or end their carreers after cardiovascular problems. Suspected to be due to the spike proteins used as antingen in all COVID vaccines.

433 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 256 Dead, After COVID Shot- JAN 11, 2022 - Continuiosly Updated

Brigade Surgeon Blows Whistle on mRNA Injections and Military Leadership's Total Failure, Crimes Against Humanity - David DeGraw - OCT 16, 2021
Three weeks ago, Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long filed an injunction to stop the proven harmful military mRNA injection mandate and further harm to all military personnel. Her affidavit very clearly explains the dangers of these injections.

The Vaccinated Are Getting Sick at High Rates as Scientists Are Clueless As to Why - Timothy Alexander Guzman - AUG 24, 2021

BOMBSHELL UK Data Destroys Entire Premise for Vaccine Push - Chris Waldburger - AUG 21, 2021

The Vaccinated Superspread Hypothesis - SEP 16, 2021 - Bad Cattitude Substack
assessing the riddle of more recovered, more vaccinated, and more dying despite a lower CFR variant
(lots of information in comments)

High Death Rate Among Vaccinated Brings Vaccine Dystopia Into View - Dr. Joel S Hirschhorn - SEP 8, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room - Piero Olliaro, Els Torreele, Michel Vaillant - APR 20, 2021
Scientific paper published in The Lancet Microbe

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD

Interview with Jessica Rose, PhD. - COVEXIT Podcast - SEP 18, 2021 (1hr8min video)
Adverse Events Reporting - What do the Data Tell Us?

VAERS UPDATE for CCCA (Canadian COVID Care Alliance) - Sep 6, 2021 (1-hour video)

Short Biography of Jessica Rose

Jessica's World

Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About Covid Injections Ignored by Government and Big Media - Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn - AUG 21, 2021
(Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Vanden Bossche)

COVID-19 Vaccine - 2-minute video

Dr. Christina Parks Testimony for Michigan HB4471 on 08/19/21 (9-minute video)

Unvaccinated as ‘variant factories’? - July 15, 2021 - Dr Gerry Quinn (Post-doctoral Researcher in Microbiology and Immunology)

Natural vs vaccine immunity: which is safer or more protective? May 8, 2021 Dr Gerry Quinn

Prior Covid Infection Is As Effective At Preventing The Virus As Vaccination, U.K. Study Suggests - Jemima McEvoy - Forbes - OCT 18. 2021

Preprint Paper at medRxiv:
Necessity of COVID-19 vaccination in previously infected individuals
Nabin K. Shrestha, Patrick C. Burke, Amy S. Nowacki, Paul Terpeluk, Steven M. Gordon

Wikipedia - Antibody Dependent Enhancement

What is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and Why Should You Care - Jesse Santiano, M.D. - SEP 5, 2021

Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies -
Wen Shi Lee, Adam K. Wheatley, Stephen J. Kent & Brandon J. DeKosky
Nature Microbiology volume 5, pages 1185–1191 (2020)
(Paper published in Nature Microbiology Journal - 09/09/20)

Outcome Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trials - Ronald B. Brown - FEB 26, 2021
Scientific paper published in journal Medicina


Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, MD, PhD

Lots of interesting articles at his page -


Could some vaccines make diseases more deadly? - By Kai Kupferschmidt - Science Magazine - JUL 27, 2015

Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb? - Dr. Doug Corrigan - August 1, 2020

Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA? - Dr. Doug Corrigan - November 27, 2020

Breaking Study Sheds More Light on Whether an RNA Vaccine Can Permanently Alter DNA - Dr. Doug Corrigan - February 15, 2021

Research suggests Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine reprograms innate immune responses - Sally Robertson, B.Sc.-MAY 10, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA vaccine technology)

Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan Experience podcast Joe Rogan - Episode #1757 - DEC 2021 - (3-hour video)

Interview with Dr. Robert Malone by Jerry Cthulhu - JAN 6,2022 (2-hour22-minute video)
(removed from Youtube)

Dr. Robert Malone's warning to parents about vaccinating children - DEC 15, 2021 (5-minute video)

Dr. Malone's twitter page: (Banned from Twitter DEC 29, 2021)

Interview with Dr. Robert Malone by Kristie Leigh - JUL 21, 2021 - Video - 1hour43minutes

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Episode #1747 - DEC 2021 (2-hour video)

Perspectives on the Pandemic - Episode 20 - AUG 4, 2021 (1hour14minute video)

Top American doctor: COVID shots are 'obsolete,' dangerous, must be shut down - The John-Henry Westen Show - JUL 23, 2021 (39-minute video)

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD

There are many shortcuts to fantasy, but there are no shortcuts to the scientific truth - SEP 21, 2021
This is Bossche's response to “How the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated for COVID-19: A Darwinian perspective” by Emanuel Goldman; AUG 28, 2021

The Vaccines: Awesome Ingenuity or A Huge Mistake? - Interview with Chris Martenson - JUN 22, 2021 - Excerpts - (29-minute video)

The Vaccines: Awesome Ingenuity or A Huge Mistake? - Interview with Chris Martenson - JUN 22, 2021 - Full-Length Interview - (1hour52minute video)video

Home page for above videos, including links to audio and video and comments.

Analysis: What Vanden Bossche Got Right — and Wrong — About Mass Vaccination - Rob Verkerk Ph.D. - MAR 18, 2021
Robert Verkerk, Ph.D., of Alliance for Natural Health International, weighs in on the recent debate sparked by Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., concerning immune escape and mass vaccination during a pandemic.

Geert Vanden Bossche - Home page


Dr Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.

Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines- Interview With Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. by Dr. Joseph Mercola - May 19, 2021 (1hr24min video)

Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 - Stephanie Seneff, Greg Nigh - MAY 10, 2021
Scientific paper published in International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR)

     Direct link to 42-page PDF file -

Stephanie Seneff's Twitter page

Stephanie Seneff's page at MIT

Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude - Geneticist

Video Interview June 1, 2021 - 30 minutes
(Full-length interview for Planet Lockdown documentary -

Video Interview - 32 minutes
(Full-length interview for Planet Lockdown documentary -

Twitter Page (mainly in French) -

Dr. Byram Bridle

COVID-19 Vaccines and Children: A Scientist’s Guide for Parents - (37-page PDF file)
Dr. Byram W. Bridle, PhD Associate Professor of Viral Immunology June 15, 2021

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Children's Health Defense

The Defender

Twitter -

Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study
Anika Singanayagam, PhD, Seran Hakki, PhD, Jake Dunning, PhD, Kieran J Madon, MSc, Michael A Crone, MBBCh, Aleksandra Koycheva, BSc, et al.
Scientific paper published in The Lancet - OCT 29, 2021
"Interpretation - Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts."

C19 Vax Reactions (testimonies of vaccine injuries)

Twitter Page:

Doctors for COVID Ethics

Martin Kulldorff


Harvard epidemiologist dismantles CDC study attacking COVID natural immunity - Art Moore - NOV 3, 2021
Dr. Martin Kulldorf has worked on vaccine epidemiology for nearly twenty years, since joining the Harvard faculty, and is among many epidemiologists who have quickly pointed out the CDC study’s fatal flaws.

Harvard Epidemiologist: The Case for Vaccine Passports Was Demolished - Jon Militmore - AUG 30, 2021
(previously infected have 27 times more immunity than vaccinated)

Dr. Stefan Baral


Dr. Charles Hoffe

VAERS - US Government Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (co-manged by the CDC and the FDA)

Open VAERS - 3rd party site with easier access to data

r/CovidVaccinated - Subreddit (discussion forum) at for COVID Vaccination Experiences

r/VaccineLonghaulers - Subreddit (discussion forum) at for people experiencing long-term effects from COVID Vaccination

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Sucharit Bhakdi: Covid-19 vaccination is greatest threat humanity ever faced

Blood Clots and Beyond - Perspective on the Pandemic #15 - Youtube video - April 16, 2021 - 44 minutes
Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi


Dr. Francis Christian

Dr. Lee Merritt

"COVID Vaccines are a Form of ‘Weaponized Medicine'" (30-minute video)

Interview on David Knight Show - AUG 10, 2021 (46-minute video)

Michael Yeadon PhD (Former Chief Scientist and VP at Pfizer) (a bit controversial)

A Final Warning To Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon (Video - 58 minutes)
(Full-length interview for Planet Lockdown documentary -

Former Pfizer VP warns childbearing-age women: ‘Do not accept these vaccines’ Patrick Delaney - Aug 5, 2021

Dr. Mike Yeadon - Session 86: The Fog Is Lifting - JAN 7, 2022 (2hr13min video)

PFIZER VP: “THE THING TO BE TERRIFIED OF IS YOUR GOVERNMENT” - The Highwire with Del Bigtree - JUN 15, 2021 (95-minute audio)

Dr. Zev Zelenko

Physician of Presidents takes a Big Risk - OCT 4, 2021 (24-minute video)


Dr. Zev Zelenko SLAYS Globalists, Exposes "Global Genocidal Event"
Stew Peters Show Published August 14, 2021 (video - 42 mnutes)

Dr. Zelenko's Website:

Artificial Spike Proteins And The End of Human Health - Dr. Mark Sircus - May 5, 2021

Dr. Jospeh Mercola

Main Site: (could be good to sign up for his newsletter, as he has started deleting content from his main site after 48 hours)


Book: The Truth About COVID-19 - Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ronnie Cummins

War Room - May 14, 2021 - 11-minute video

Dr. Ryan Cole

The Truth About COVID-19, Lockdowns, and mRNA Viruses - Ryan Cole on Steve Deace Show (video - 26-minute)

Autopsy results of the Vaccinated

Book: THE COVID VACCINE: And the Silencing of Our Doctors and Scientists - John Hamilton - July 13, 2021

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty MD

Substack -

Twitter -

Dr. Richard M. Fleming

     Twitter -

     Amazon -

Dr. Peter Schirmacher

German Chief Pathologist Sounds Alarm on Fatal Vaccine Injuries - AUG 11, 2021

Renowned German Pathologist Urges More Autopsies of Vaccinated People Due to High Rate of Vaccine-related Deaths - Veronika Kyrylenko AUG 5, 2021

Dr. Maria Huber - General Pracitioner in Austria (20-minute video interview)

No Jab for Me - tons of links

Negative Efficacy, or: Something Is Wrong With The Vaccines - Eugyppius - OCT 19, 2021
Brief notes on the latest Public Health England vaccine surveillance report.

Teenage boys are 14 TIMES more likely to suffer rare heart complication from Pfizer's Covid jab, study warns amid growing calls for No10 to rethink plan to inoculate 16 and 17 year olds
By Emily Craig - Health Reporter For Mailonline - Published 10 August 2021

Do COVID Vaccines Affect Menstruation? - SEP 9, 2021 - Kat J. McAlpine
Some women say their periods change after getting vaccinated—now a BU researcher is on the hunt for a possible link

Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC

Sharyl Atkisson

COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns Summary

COVID-19 Vaccine Analysis: The Most Common Adverse Events Reported So Far

COVID Vaccines ‘must be halted immediately,’ Renowned Toxicologist Tells CDC
We must halt all COVID vaccine administration immediately, before we create a true pandemic that we cannot reign in,’ warned Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D. - MAY 12, 2021

Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC - APR 2021 (includes transcript of remarks by Dr. Lindsay)

Top Toxicologist Joins Other Leading Scientists in Sounding the Alarm Over Serious Jab Dangers
August 8, 2021 Steve Cook

Vaccinated people make up 75% of recent COVID-19 cases in Singapore, but few fall ill

100 Vaccinated Royal Navy Crewmembers Infected With COVID Onboard The HMS Queen Elizabeth Warcraft - 07/14/21

COVID-19 Outbreak in Israel, Fully Vaccinated Individuals Make Up 50% of Infected Adults - 06/30/21

Deaths of Elderly Who Recovered From COVID-19, but Died After Vaccine, Raise Questions - 05/07/21

Is Catching COVID Now Better than More Vaccine? - James Gallagher - AUG 21,2021 - BBC NEWS

US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity” - J. Bart Classen, MD - JUL 24, 2021

Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines.
While the media have focused on blood clots, the UK has registered another phenomenon taking place after coronavirus vaccines.
Celeste McGovern - APR 19, 2021

The Testimonies Project - Testimonies After COVID-19 Vaccination in Israel

The Testimonies Project - The Movie - SEP 19, 2021 (1hr7min video)

Cause of Death after COVID-19 Vaccination & Undeclared Components of the COVID-19 Vaccines - SEP 22, 2021 (2hr39min video)
Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz

Liberty Council Action

No More Silence

Stop Medical Discrimination

National Vaccine Information Center

SARS CoV-2 Virus and COVID-19 Vaccine Information

US Freedom Flyers
(a lot of pilots are not too happy about the vaccine mandates)

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of Covid vaccine complications, coroner finds
Shaw died of a brain haemorrhage caused by a blood clot three weeks after her first AstraZeneca dose
BBC - Damien Gayle - Aug 26, 2021

The Powerful Case Against Covid mRNA Vaccine - Paul Craig Roberts - SEP 7, 2021

Wikipedia - COVID-19 Vaccines

Senator Johnson Expert Panel on US Federal Vaccine Mandates - NOV 1, 2021 (3hr20min video) (NOTE - Live video begins 30 minutes in)

FDA Fact Sheet for Pfizer Vaccine - (consent form)

FDA Fact Sheet for Moderna Vaccine - (consent form)

Texans for Vaccine Choice

The EMA covid-19 data leak, and what it tells us about mRNA instability
BMJ 2021; 372 doi: (Published 10 March 2021) Cite this as: BMJ 2021;372:n627

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial - Paul D Thacker, investigative journalist
BMJ 2021; 375 doi: (Published 02 November 2021) Cite this as: BMJ 2021;375:n2635

Chemical Violence

WXYZ-TV Channel 7 (ABC) in Detroit asks for Stories of UNVACCINATED loved ones dying from COVID 0n 09/10/21, gets THOUSANDS of comments about deaths and injuries from COVID Vaccines and COVID deaths among VACCINATED. (over 241,000 as of 09/28/21, 253K as of 10/09/21))

Here is a text file capturing the top 2000 comments out of 200,000 on 09/16/21

Texas Senate Hearing for Bill SB1669 (to prohibit vaccine mandates) - MAY 8, 2021
Part 1- Testimony from Doctors - 45 minutes

At least 48,000 people have died within 14 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine who were covered by Medicare in the USA - SEP 30, 2021

The ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ Is a Lie - Dr. Jospeh Mercola - SEP 15, 2021 (repriinted from

The Highwire with Del Bigtree - Podcast - frequent episodes, mainly about COVID in last couple of years

     Apple :


Steve Kirsch - TFNT - The False Narrative Takedown Series

TFNT1: COVID vaccines have killed over 200,000 Americans - SEP 08, 2021 - (2hrs12min video)

     Slides from the above video -

TFNT2: The Abrien Aguirre Interview - SEP 10, 2021 (1hr11min video)

TFNT3: Pfizer study shows vaccines kill more people than they save - SEP 13, 2021 (37min video)

TFNT4: COVID vaccines kill more people than they save - SEP 13, 2021 (29min video)

TFNT5: WXYZ-TV Facebook request backfires: Revenge of the vaccine injured - SEP 15, 2021 (1hr 21min video)

TFNT6: Steve Kirsch interviewed by Jack Thompson on vaccine safety - SEP 15, 2021 (1hr 32min video)

TFNT7: Tom Kertscher's bogus "fact check" of my claims of > 150,000 deaths - SEP 23, 2021 (18min video)

TFNT8: Cathy Zhang interviews Steve Kirsch on vaccine safety - SEP 24, 2021 (1hr33min video)

TFNT9: CDC and FDA vaccine committee members should resign for failing to spot safety signals - SEP 29, 2021 (54min video)

TFNT10: Myocarditis deception - SEP 30, 2021 (15min video)

NBA player Jonathan Isaac's answers questions on his vaccination status - Orlando Magic Media Day - AUG 09, 2021 (9-minute video)

14 Israelis who got 3rd shot later infected with COVID-19 - AUG 8, 2021

Americans with PhDs are the most reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID, study finds - AUG 14, 2021

FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Worked For Pfizer, Have Big Pfizer Connections - Patrick Howley - OCT 26, 2021
This Is A Staggering Conflict of Interest

Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19 - OCT 10, 2021

Whistleblowers, Experts Warn of Increased Risks of Infertility, Death After COVID Vaccines - Cheryl Sullenger - JUL 27, 2021

Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots -Kennedy Hall - OCT 4, 2021

Whistleblower: Pregnancy Complications After COVID Injections - The Mark Harrington Show - JUN 06, 2021 (26-minute video)
NOTE: the Mike Harrington show is right-wing, anti-abortion

Whistleblower Part II: “COVID Injections are killing people” - The Mark Harrington Show - JUL 01, 2021 (23-minute video)

Whistleblower Part III: “What You Need to Know” - The Mark Harrington Show - AUG 12, 2021 (27-minunte video)

Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid (39-minute video)

FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee Debate on COVID Booster Shots - 8-hour Youtube video streamed live 09/17/21

The VAERS Scandal - Del Bigtee Highwire - Episode 233 - SEP 16, 2021 (2hr38min video)

Segment from above - Interview with Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad Exposes Potential Massive COVID-19 Fraud (1hr5min video)

Senior Army flight surgeon warns pilots could die in mid-flight from vaccine side effects - Sean Salai - The Washington Times - SEP 28, 2021"

‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal - Madlen Davies, Rosa Furneaux, Iván Ruiz, Jill Langlois - FEB 23, 2021

An AFLDS Issue Brief for Citizens, Policymakers and Physicians

NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
may be useful in treating COVID and COVID vaccine side effects
FDA is threatening to take this off the market. (Amazon stopped selling it in early 2021)
Wikipedia -

Search results at Pubmed for scientific papers on "graphene oxide" 'vaccine" -

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