The Cramps

RIP Lux Interior 1946-2009

The Cramps are the coolest band ever and the true rulers of rock and roll.
Lux Interior and Poison Ivy are the King and Queen of rock and roll.
A long time ago, they merged punk and rockabilly and gave us psychobilly.
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
They played many shows all over the world - and they were INTENSE.
Get some Cramps records.....NOW!

I got to see them both times they played at the Will Rogers Theatre in Oklahoma City (FEB 95, FEB 98). After the first one I said "Well I guess I can die now, I've seen the Cramps, what more can there be?". It was one of those shows that could not have lived up to my expectations - but it did. And the second show was even better. It was hard to take my eyes off of Poison Ivy (the sexiest woman in rock and roll and the coolest guitar player ever). Her hair was completely straight (instead of the usual flip thing she always has), long and red. Her bangs left room for a shiny star on her forehead, which made her look like a magic voodoo gypsy witch goddess (or something). She looked better than in any picture I've seen. She looked younger (and skinnier) than three years earlier. She was wearing short black hotpants with bright flames and a short top. And I think tall boots. She just stood there and played awesome, cool rock and roll guitar, nonstop. You should have seen her. Lux Interior, the wildest singer in the world, was all over the place, looking very dangerous in his tight black leather. As usual, he climbed on top of the PA, he unzipped his pants, he writhed on the floor, and he did all kinds of things with his microphone. I noticed the drummer, Harry Drumdini, did not use a hi-hat - his left foot wasn't doing anything (an interesting style thing - its the ride, man). Slim Chance had quite a bass rig going and there was a fan by him blowing his hair which made it look like the sound from his amp was blowing his hair. Or perhaps it was. They were loud and the sound was good. I wish I had a video of that show, it was a sight to see. Most awesome.

They came back to OKC April 26, 2003, and played the Diamond Ballroom. Another awesome show!

It would be more fashionable to say their early records are the best or even that those were the only good ones, but to me they keep sounding better and better. The early records are rough and messy, that's part of the deal, but what's wrong with making records that sound good. They produce their own records and it would only be natural for them to get better and better at it. I like to hear Poison Ivy's quintessential rock and roll guitar shining through loud and crystal clear. But all their records are great. I especially recommend Date with Elvis, Big Beat from Badsville, Flamejob, Stay Sick, and Look Ma, No Head, and, and for some older classics, Bad Music for Bad People. (But, of course, just get them all). Check out the sites below for more info.

Poison Ivy is in the following issues of Guitar Player Magazine:
August 1990 - Oooh, Poison Ivy
January 1995 - Flamejob - Jas Obrecht
July, 1997 - "Hoodlum Hoodoo - Poison Ivy Unearths a Dozen Delinquent Rock & Roll Riffs"

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Article from Vintage Guitar Magazine NOV 2003. Poison Ivy talks guitars, gear, recording, etc.

A lot of interesting stuff comes up if you go to eBay and type Cramps in the Search box.

The Records:
(Regular-Issue Full-Length CD Discography - some sites above may have more extensive listings, bootlegs, imports, singles, etc)

Songs the Lord Taught Us (1980)
The Songs: TV Set, Rock on the Moon, Garbageman, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, Sunglasses After Dark, The Mad Daddy, Mystery Plane, Zombie Dance, What's Behind the Mask, Strychnine, I'm Cramped, Tear It Up, Fever, I Was A Teenage Werewolf (with false start), Mystery Plane (original mix), Twist and Shout (unreleased CD extra), I'm Cramped (original mix), The Mad Daddy (original mix).
Produced by Alex Chilton

Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits (1981) 1 LP and 1 EP on 1 CD
The Songs: Green Fuzz, Goo Goo Muck, Rockin' Bones, Voodoo Idol, Primitive, Caveman, The Crusher, Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk, Can't Find My Mind, Jungle Hop, The Natives Are Restless, Under the Wires, Beautiful Gardens, Green Door, Human Fly, The Way I Walk, Domino, Surfin' Bird, Lonesome Town.
Produced by the Cramps, last 5 songs produced by Alex Chilton

A Date with Elvis (1986)
The Songs: How Far Can Too Far Go?, The Hot Pearl Snatch, People Ain't No Good, What's Inside A Girl?, Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?, Kizmiaz, Cornfed Dames, Chicken, (Hot Pool Of) Woman Need, Aloha From Hell, It's Just That Song, Blue Mooon Baby, Georgia Lee Brown, Give Me A Woman, Get Off the Road.
Produced by the Cramps

Bad Music for Bad People (1987)
Compilation from early years
The Songs: Garbageman, New Kind of Kick, Love Me, I Can't Hardly Stand It, She Said, Goo Goo Muck, Save It, Human Fly, Drug Train, TV Set, Uranium Rock.
Produced by the Cramps except 1,8,10 produced by Alex Chilton.

Stay Sick (1989)
The Songs: Bop Pills, God Damn Rock N Roll, Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, All Women Are Bad, The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon, Shortnin' Bread, Daisys Up Your Butterfly, Journey to the Center of a Girl, Mama OO Pow Pow, Saddle Up a Buzz Buzz, Muleskinner Blues, Her Love Rubbed Off, Her Love Rubbed Off (live), Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (live).
Produced by Poison Ivy.

Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon (EP) (1990)
The Songs: Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon, Jailhouse Rock, Jackyard Backoff, Beat Out My Love, Her Love Rubbed Off.
Produced by Poison Ivy.

Smell of Female (1990)
Recorded live at the Peppermint Lounge Feb 25 & 26, 1983
The Songs: The Most Exalted Potentate of Love, You Got Good Taste, Call of the Wighat, Faster Pussycat, I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound, Psychotic Reaction, Beautiful Gardens, She Said, Surfin' Dead.
Produced by The Cramps

Look Ma, No Head! (1991)
Iggy Pop sings on Miniskirt Blues
The Songs: Dames Booze Chains and Boots, Two Headed Sex Change, Blow Up Your Mind, Hardworkin Man, Miniskirt Blues, Alligator Stomp, I Wanna Get In Your Pants, Bend Over I'll Drive, Don't Get Funny With Me, Eyeball in My Martini, Hipsville 29 BC, The Strangeness In Me, Wilder Wilder Faster Faster.
Produced by Poison Ivy

Recorded live August 30, 1986 at the Galaxy in Auckland, New Zealand
The Songs: The Hot Pearl Snatch, People Ain't No Good, What's Inside a Girl?, Cornfed Dames, Sunglasses After Dark, Heartbreak Hotel, Chicken, Do the Clam, Aloha From Hell, Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?, Birdfeed, Blue Moon Baby, Georgia Lee Brown, Lonesome Town.

Flamejob (1994)
The Songs: Mean Machine, Ultra Twist, Let's Get Fucked Up, Nest of the Cuckoo Bird, I'm Customized, Sado County Auto Show, Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs, How Come You Do Me?, Inside Out and Upside Down (With You), Trapped Love, Swing the Big Eyed Rabbit, Strange Love, Blues Blues Blues, Sinners, Route 66 (Get Your Kicks On).
Produced by Poison Ivy and Lux Interior

Big Beat From Badsville (1997)
(The LP cover has a different picture of Poison Ivy which you may want to see)
The songs: Cramp Stomp, God Monster, It Thing Hard On, Like a Bad Girl Should, Sheena's In A Goth Gang, Queen of Pain, Monkey With Your Tail, Devil Behind That Bush, Super Goo, Hypno Sex Ray, Burn She-Devil Burn, Wet Nightmare, Badass Bug, Haulass Hyena.
Produced by Poison Ivy and Lux Interior

Fiends of Dope Island (April 22, 2003) Vengeance 675
Awesome as expected.
The songs: Big Black Witchcraft Rock, Papa Satan Sang Louie, Hang Up, Fissure of Rolando, Dr. Fucker MD (Musical Deviant), Dopefiend Boogie, Taboo, Elvis Fucking Christ!, She's Got Balls, Ooowee Baby, Mojo Man From Mars, Color Me Black, Wrong Way Ticket.
Produced by Poison Ivy and Lux Interior.

How to Make a Monster (September 21, 2004) Vengeance 677
2 discs, 143 minutes, 45 tracks. Previously unreleased rarities from 1976-1988.

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