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What do I think about crop circles? Hard to say. First I just thought it was all totally wacky. Then I looked into it a bit (probably around 2002). I wound up convinced that they were made by the military (see the ovnis link below). Then I saw Gazecki's awesome film (Crop Circles - Quest for Truth) and was convinced they were some kind of magical spiritual messages from a higher intelligence, then I saw some TV documentary that seemed to debunk them, then looked at and was convinced they are all man-made hoaxes, then I wasn't so sure, then I read Pinchbeck's 2012 book and became even more unsure (his onsite investigations went back and forth and led to no particular conclusion). Currently, I'm really not so convinced about any explanation for crop circles, perhaps it is something beyond human understanding that we should be paying attention to and trying to figure out, perhaps it is a government psyop, or perhaps its all a bunch of mischievous circlemakers who have gotten very skilled with ropes and boards. I try not to get too involved in thinking about this anymore, but its still sometimes interesting. Anyway, here's some links and film info on the crop circle trip.

Some Links:

Wikipedia Article -
This is a large site, with up-to-date info on all crop circles as they appear. Also much info on resources - books, DVDs, links, etc.
Another large site.

Colin Andrews -

Paul Vigay -

Freddy Silva -

BLT Research - Crop Circle Science -

Crop Circle WebRing -
An extensive, interesting and important site, don't overlook it. These people seem to be claiming that all circles are man-made hoaxes, easily created with ropes and boards. They claim to have created many large, famous circles, have created many in public, and give detailed instructions. They have published a book, The Field Guide: The Art, History and Philosophy of Crop Circle Making. ( (
This page discusses possible military involvement in crop circle creation. For some reason, this logical and well-researched angle is rarely mentioned anywhere. No telling, but I have not yet seen any reason to rule this out, other than the fact that it is much more likely that all the circles are made by people on the ground. This is from a French book, UFOs - The Military Unmasked, presented in English on the web here:

Crop Circles: The Art of the Hoax - An Article in the Smithsonian Magazine

Crop Circles: Who Makes Them? An article by Keith Mayes circles.htm

Some Documentary Films About Crop Circles

There is a large list of Crop Circle DVDs here (probably none from a critical point of view):

Crop Circles - Quest for Truth - (2002 - 115min) - William Gazecki
Official Site:
Director's Website:
Can Purchase DVD here:
Indepth documentary, interviews with many of the main characters on the scene. Lots of beautiful aerial shots of crop circles. Recommended.

What on Earth? (2009 - 81min) Suzanne Taylor
Official site (can purchase DVD here):
Director's Website:
Amazon (DVD 2011): (PAL DVD):
have not yet seen - looking forward to it. Netflix does not yet have - can add to Saved queue (they add DVDs when there is enough demand).

Star Dreams (2007 - 85min) Robert L. Nichol
Subtitled: A Feature Documentary Exploring the Mystery of the Crop Circles
Official Site:
Amazon (DVD 2007):
Excellent and recommended.

Crop Circles: Crossover From Another Dimension (2005 - 75min) Terje Toftenes
Official site:
Amazon (DVD 3-disc 2006 UFO-TV):
Looks like the 75-min film is available as a single DVD from the official site, and has been reissued by UFO-TV as a 3-disc set totalling 4 hours. have not yet seen

The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening? (2008 - 77min) Patty Greer
Official site:
Amazon (DVD 2011):
have not yet seen

Crop Circles - The Wake Up Call - 2010 Update (2010 - 58min) Patty Greer
Official site:
Amazon (DVD 2011):
have not yet seen

New Swirled Order (2009 - 50min) Frank Hofer
German Title: Die Neue Feldornung
Official Site:
Can watch or purchase DVD at official site. (DVD has a couple of hours of extra stuff).

Let the Circles Speak (57min)
Official Site:
Slideshow of crop circles set to music.

Conscious Circles (2011 - 120min) Colin Andrews
Official Site:
Amazon (DVD-R 2011):

Stairways to Heaven (55min) Freddy Silva
Subtitled: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space
Official Site:
Amazon (DVD):
Spends a lot of time looking at sacred stone sites and cathedrals before tying those into crop circles.

Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles (2010 - 53min)
Amazon (DVD 2010):

National Geographic - Is It Real? - Crop Circles (2005 - 45min)
Amazon (DVD 2006):
This is Episode 9, Season 1, of the National Geographic TV series, Is It Real?. May have once been available as a separate DVD, is now packaged in a 2-disc set called National Geograpic - Is It Real? - Supernatural (which includes 4 episodes from the series). This is totally from a skeptical point of view, and thus recommended to offset most everything else on this page. Spends a lot of time with circlemakers, and looks at the conflict between the "croppies" (believers) and the "hoaxers" (circlemakers). I think this program pretty much purports to be debunking the crop circle phenomenon from many different angles. Does it prove that all the circles are man-made? Perhaps not, but to look at crop circles with an open mind, you need to look at the skeptical side as well.

The Truth Behind Crop Circles (2010 - 49min) Tom Barry
Another one from a skeptical point of view. This was made for TV by National Geographic. (can watch at Youtube)

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