The Derailers

Reverb Deluxe is one of the finest records I have heard. Don't miss the unlisted extra song at the end, a cover of Prince's Rasberry Beret.

The next record Full Western Dress is awesome as expected. There's four rockers which all sound like hits to me - The Right Place, Just to Spend the Night with You, Then She Kissed Me, and Knee Deep in the Blues. I got this record the day it came out (9/28/99) and played it over and over. After the first time I started skipping songs until I wound up playing those four songs over and over. If only I could be paid to choose the hits - I'm telling you those songs are hits.

A friend of mine found out kind of by chance that the Derailers were playing at the Oklahoma State Fair in OKC in 2001. So of course we went. This was a few days after 9/11 so there weren't many people out and they had even reduced the fair admission. And the show was free. It was just the four of them and they sounded great. This was right about the time their new record Here Come the Derailers was released. Don't have it yet but checked it out in a record store. Great record of course. Links:

Jack Scully's Derailers site

Mike Harmon's Derailers site

Official Site

Sire Records Derailers Site

The Records:

Full Western Dress  (SEP 28 1999)
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Reverb Deluxe   (NOV 18 1997)
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Jackpot   (FEB 27 1996)
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Live Tracks   (JUL 8 1997)
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