Brian Eno

In the 80's, he was referred to as God in some circles. He was on the first Roxy Music record, then left to work on his own stuff. His first record was Here Come the Warm Jets. Later he came up with the concept of ambient music, which would just provide some acoustic cover but you wouldn't have to listen to it. He has made many records of this type, applying many interesting ideas in the making of them. His Music for Airports has actually been used as background music in airports. He has collaborated with many other musicians on his own records and on joint projects. One particularly interesting record to me is My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, his collaboration with David Byrne. I also like Another Green World and Before and After Science, which both have lots of interesting instrumentals as well as some nice songs that he sings. He has also been very active as a producer, including working on records by Talking Heads, James, and U2. When working with James on one of their records (Laid), he convinced them to work on another record at the same time, which was just improvisational raw material resulting from working on the other record. This record, called Wah Wah, is a favorite of mine.


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