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NOTE 12/18/14 I haven't even looked at this page for 5 years. So maybe I'll start adding a few things.

Check out this book!

The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer.
Read about it or order it at: Amazon

If you play guitar at any level or have any interest in any aspect of guitar-playing, you need to check out this book. Originally published in 1982, the revised edition came out in 1992. This is an extensive reference book which covers EVERYTHING. Lots of deep music theory, beyond what most people would ever get into, but lots of really basic stuff too.

Some Guitar Links:

Harmony Central Guitar Pages

Yahoo - Guitar

Guitar Tricks      WholeNote

Guitar Player Magazine      Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Guitar World Magazine      Guitar Magazine

eMedia Guitar Method Java Chord Dictionary      Celtic Guitar      Harmony Central

Fender      Telecaster Appreciation Page

Gibson      Gretsch

Marshall      Marshall Arts - Unofficial Marshall site

Vox      Vox Showromm (unofficial)

Mesa Boogie



G & L -

Joe Gore -
I looked him up after seeing he was the guitarist on Broken Leevee Blues on DJ Shadow's The Outsider. Very interesting site. 12/18/14

Callaham Guitars

Klein Pickups

Antique Vintage Guitars Info

GEO - The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page

Cybtrans - Guitar Amps, Effects Placement, and Quiet Cranked Amp Tone

Cybtrans Guitar & Amps Link Page (VERY Extensive)

Triode Electronics (source for tubes)

Fender Amp Field Guide



Boss GT-3 Users Site

Yamaha      National Reso-Phonic Guitars

Hewett Guitars      Olson Guitars

Vintage Guitar Online

GHS Strings


LR Baggs Pickups

Highlander Pickups

Musical Instrument Makers Forum

Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply

Vacuum Tubes - SND Sales

Tone Lizard

Tab, Chords, Lyrics

Slade's Music Page      Slade's Home Page

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