Jessie Mae Hemphill

She made two records, both recently reissued on CD by Hightone. She-Wolf was recorded mostly in 1979 and 1980. Feelin' Good was recorded mostly in 1984. Both records are excellent. She has a totally unique sound, with simple repetitive trance/drone rhythms. She had a stroke in 1993 and had to stop performing. She passed away July 22, 2006. Her grandfather, Sid Hemphill is in all the blues history books - he was the leader of a fife and drum band, one of the oldest styles of delta blues. Jessie played drums as well as guitar. She sings and plays electric guitar and sometimes stomps her foot with a tambourine attached to her leg. Her records have a very spiritual sound to me - very good vibes. I've listened to these records over and over and I never get tired of them.


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The Records:

She-Wolf (1981) (CD Released 1998)

Feelin' Good (1990) (CD Released 1997)

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