Reverend Horton Heat

INTENSE Texas psychobilly. Three-piece band with The Reverend (Jim Heath) on guitar and vocals, Jimbo Wallace on standup bass, and Scott Churilla on drums. All of the records are great. The first three are my favorites. I've seen them a bunch of times in OKC, most recently 12/17/99. They put on quite a show. The drummer uses a double bass pedal (one bass drum) and does a lot of stick twirling. Played a Gretsh set last time I saw them. They had a different drummer, Taz Bentley, on their first 4 records.


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The Records:

Smoke'em If You Got'em (1990) Subpop
Details from Subpop      Amazon

The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds Of (1993) Subpop
Produced by Gibby Haynes
Details from Subpop      Amazon

Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear Subpop/Interscope(1994)
Produced by Al Jourgensen

Martini Time (1996) Interscope
Produced by Thom Panuzio

Space Heater (1998) Interscope
Produced by Ed Stasium

Holy Roller (1999) Subpop
Compilation with 24 songs

Spend a Night in the Box (2000) Time Bomb

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