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Mike Hosty is a force of nature. Really. He is a master of guitar (like every kind of way), writes awesome songs, sings, plays bass keyboard with his feet while playing guitar and maybe blowing some harp or...kazoo. Now thats with his band, the Hosty Duo. He also plays solo - EVERY Sunday at the Deli for a few years now. So then he plays drums with his feet (bass, snare, maybe hi-hat) while playing guitar. So, long ago, the Hosty Trio was quite a mighty band. And they played all the time. Like 6 nights a week, almost every week. All around here and some cities in surrounding states. This was Hosty with Mike Byars on drums and Chris Wiser on Hammond B3 organ, sax and 2nd vocals. So when Chris left (and formed Sugar Free Allstars), what would happen? Well, they just became the Duo, Hosty got his feet on the bass pedals, and the sound was as mighty as ever. Byers is a master drummer, so you got two master musicians, and one is playing two instruments. Yes, they can make a mighty sound. And they have continued to play a lot. Check out the touring schedule on their website. Plus Hosty is always playing on Sunday. They are the hardest working band in the state. And the funnest. Because all the songs are fun, like on purpose. Hosty is positivity. But definitely rock and roll. And they not only rock but they groove. They have a million of their own songs (well way over 100 anyway), so they don't play covers - EXCEPT, awesomely enough, three of the most classic delta blues songs (Walking Blues, Poor Black Mattie, Catfish Blues), and on rare occassions, Cure for Pain by Morphine. They have released (on their own) more than 10 CD's, all recorded here in Norman, some Trent Bell's Bell Labs and some at Carl Amburn's Mousetrap Studios. Buy them from the cardboard box on the stage. Tons of songs. Tons of hits. More all the time. People sing along with these songs. That might bug some people. But if you go see Hosty, you will see some happy people. I think Hosty is trying to make people happy. He does tell a lot of jokes (and will sing birthday songs or improvise a funny song about whatever is gong on). And I'm serious, these songs are hits. Like hit songs for the dance floor. A few ballads, some maybe a bit sad. I know I've indulged in some sadness leaning against the wall at the Deli. You know, just for a sad song. But for sure if I'm at the Deli when the Duo is playing, I am very happy. Did I mention they play nothing but HIT SONGS? And what is alternative? What is independent? Here's a story. How about a band of master musicians playing actual club shows full of happy fans 200-300 nights a year for 2 decades. Yes, they are professionals, this is their actual job. While other bands complain that there's no place to play, the Hosty Duo plays everywhere. And they have a stack of CDs out. Which contain their catalog of over 100 TOP HIT SONGS. People sing them and dance to them. And there might be some cool record stores that have some of their CDs, but the best chance to get them is from the cardboard box on the stage. Because apparently they have zero interest or support from the record industry. So I thinks that's alternative. I think that is totally independent. Like the will and the ability to do your own thing. And keep on going. These guys play and play. They give and give. And you can go get some. Just make sure you see the Hosty Duo if you can. And if you're around here, see them as much as you can. It will be good for you. You'll see. Everyone loves them. Even little kids. (They do play some free outdoor shows). My favorite place to see them is their home base, the Deli on Campus Corner. I look forward to it every month. I used to claim that my friends conspired to keep me from going, but its probably just that I failed to conspire with with someone to get me there. So there have been times when I haven't always make the shows. But the band is there. And during 2014 I got back into the habit of catching all the Hosty Duo shows at the Deli. They are the rock and roll saviors of Norman. I've been meaning to make a page for Hosty for a long time. Last time I seen 'em (JAN 2010) I said I am making a page for the Hosty Duo. Now actually I always say that if I see them because they are always awesome. But this time they really got me. I even had someone to dance with. And that last set, I call it the power set. They will rock out. So they played a new song. It sort of sounds like JJ Cale, I'm thinking, maybe even a cover, just because of that distinctive JJ Cale groooovey hook kind of thing. But this is kind of more in a faster rocking psychobilly style. Man oh man. This is their newest HIT SONG. Its called Nobody Knows But Me. Keep em comin'.
03/24/11 - I got to see the Duo at the Deli a couple of weeks ago. Hosty had his Blues Junior amp, Byers was playing a 2-piece (snare and bass with hi-hat and one cymbal). A fun night, I stayed to the end. Awesome as always.
10/26/12 FRI - Made it down to the Deli at about 1am, caught the last 40 minutes of the show. One of the most awesome rock and roll experiences of my life. (I say that a lot, but its always true). Plenty of room on the dance floor right up front. I danced a hole through the jagged brick floor when they played Took the Train. Talked to Hosty a bit after the show. He told me about his newest discovery - Bongo Joe.
MAR 2015 - finally listed out all the songs from the records (below)
NOV 2015 - Ihave been pretty consistently catching the Duo shows once a month at the Deli. Always awesome. Early this year Hosty showed up with a Lo-Bow - a cigar box guitar he got from a guy in Nashville who makes them. I think there are 3 strings and it is fretless. Only seen him bring it to a couple of shows. Also noticed on the credits on the new record (Yay!), he is playing a Guit-organ - had to look that up on Wikipedia. Lots of Delta Stomp Groove at the shows. Not as much attendance as there should be. Always interesting to see what kind of drum setup Byars will show up with. Usually 2-piece - snare and bass with hi-hat and one cymbal. Sometimes a floor tom. Once had an old snare tuned down with snares off mounted to the left of the snare drum.
11/28/15 SAT - Duo at the Deli.

Anyway, all for now....

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The Records: (OOP = Out of Print)

Volume - The Mike Hosty Trio (1996) OOP

First record by Hosty Trio. Has been out of print for awhile, with many of the songs re-released on the Un Hombre Mallo anthology CD. Not to be confused with the more recent Volume, which is an anthology of early songs, plus some pre-dating the Hosty Trio.

Bus Stop
I Will Work for Booty
Took the Train
Tell Me
Devil Sent Me You
Chicken Bone
The Groove

Gusto - The Mike Hosty Trio (1997) OOP

Second record by Hosty Trio. Has been out of print for awhile, with many of the songs re-released on the Un Hombre Mallo anthology CD.

1. Everybody Wants Something
2. Wash Away Blues
3. Uh-Huh
4. Tell the World
5. Drive Thru
6. AM Radio
7. Shufflin on the Street
8. A Lot of Love to Give
9. Down in New Orleans
10. Bring Me Your Body
11. The Professor
12. Mr. T
Mike Hosty: vocals, guitar, 8-string guitar, steel guitar, see-and-say farm animal machine, shaker, fife, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Lyny Byars: trap kit, vocals
Chris Wiser: vocals, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes piano, flute, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone
Recorded at Bell Labs in Norman, Oklahoma 1997.

3 - The Mike Hosty Trio (1998) OOP

Third record by Hosty Trio. Has been out of print for awhile, with many of the songs re-released on the Un Hombre Mallo anthology CD.

1. Make Time with You
2. Love Train
3. Movn' On
4. Silent Me
5. Sun Shine
6. The Power of the Word
7. Alligator Stomp
8. Favorite Things
9. Dead and Gone
10. Sweet Thing
11. The Best That I Can
Recorded at Bell Labs in Norman OK JAN-MAR 1998

Wigtrig - Hosty Trio (1999) OOP

Fourth record by Hosty Trio. Has been out of print for awhile, with many of the songs re-released on the Un Hombre Mallo anthology CD.

1. Corndog
2. Stinky
3. 4.25
4. 6th Grade Band
5. James Brown
6. Hey, Hey, Hey
7. Bingo
8. Sunday Afternoon
9. R.V.
10. Chicken Bone '99
11. El Nino

One Too Heavy - Ten Pound Hammer (Hosty Trio) (2000) OOP

1. Barefoot Baby
2. Truck Stop Shower Stall
3. Rose Rock Queen
4. Cleveland County Cage
5. Que Haya
6. Truckers and Me
7. Train to Misery
8. Gunfighter

Un Hombre Malo - A Mike Hosty Anthology (Hosty Trio) (2000)

This collects songs from the first four Hosty Trio CDs, which are now out of print. This is the CD to get for the early classics, strong songs which are all still part of the live repertoire. (these are mainly the songs from the first 4 records that Hosty wrote himself, as opposed to songs that Wiser wrote). (original CD release in jewel case spelled title Un Hombre Mallo, corrected later to Un Hombre Malo).

1. Everybody Wants Something
2. Wash Away Blues
3. Tell the World
4. Shufflin on Down the Street
5. A Lot of Love to Give
6. Bring Me Your Body
7. Mr. T
8. U, Me and BET
9. Silent Me
10. Sunshine
11. Favorite Things
12. Dead And Gone
13. Sweet Thing
14. Corndog
15. 4:25
16. James Brown
17. Bingo
18. Chicken Bone 99
19. El Nino

Live in Denver - Hosty (Mike Hosty Solo) (2001) OOP

1. Drive Thru
2. Tell the World
3. Devil Sent Me You
4. Save Some Love
5. Ain't Got Money
6. Cleveland County Cage
7. Bus Stop
8. She Said
9. Dead and Gone
10. Chebacca
11. Askin' Ain't Gettin
12. Linda Cavanaugh

Golden Country Hits - Hosty Duo (2003) OOP

1. Guitar-O
2. Cleveland County Cage Live
3. Wrote You a Letter
4. Save Some Love
5. Truck Stop Shower Stall
6. Johnny Cash
7. Applesauce
8. Molokai Cowboy
9. The General
10. The General II
11. Que Haya
12. Gunfighter
13. Destination Hawaii
14. Tiki Lounge

Duo - Hosty Duo (2003)
(the CD cover just says Hosty Duo, but the record title is actually Duo)

1. Cryin Won't Help You
2. Married Man
3. Not You
4. Give Me Some
5. Loving You
6. Oklahoma Breakdown
7. The Cirus is Coming, Coming, Coming
8. Fried Pie
9. The Only Thing
10. Fraidy Hole
11. Country Boy
12. Big Jack
13. In the Future All Music Will be Made by Robots
14. Flamingo
15. Cute Little Boat
16. Dirty Girl
17. Let's Get Tall
18. The Ballad of Old Blue
Recorded at Bell Labs, Norman Oklahoma, by Trent Bell 11/2000.
Michael Byars - drums
Hosty - Guitorgan, Bass-a-Tar, Kazoo, Vocals, EKO Bass Pedals, Guitars
Boyd Littel: timbales
Blaine Nelson: congas and percussion
Ryan Jones: accordian, Roland Juno keyboard
Eric Harmon: percussion

Volume: Anthology 1992-1995 - Mike Hosty (2005)

This is kind of a reissue of the first Hosty Trio record (Voume - 1996). It has most of the songs from that record (minus Chicken Bone and Devil Sent Me You) plus 6 more songs that pre-date the Hosty Trio. Hosty had a band called Heater, and I'm thinking that's what these are from.

1. Bus Stop
2. Maintain
3. Took the Train
4. Motion
5. Down and Lonely
6. No Love Left
7. Mercy
8. Don't Get Me Started
9. Joint's Jumpin
10. Strange Things
11. Disco Truck
12. My Ho Drives A Big Red Car
13. I Will Work for Booty
14. Ribtip
15. Tell Me
16. The Groove
17. Guitar-O

Hosty One Man Band Live - Hosty (2006) (Mike Hosty Solo)

1. Great to Be Back - 1:53
2. Why You Treat - 5:31
3. Linda Cavanaugh - 6:49
4. Chewbaca - 8:18
5. Fraidy Hole - 9:08
6. Nobody - 6:28
7. Devil Sent Me You - 5:25
8. Daddy Plays Guitar in a Rock and Roll Band - 4:08
9. Would Ya? - 4:35
10. Just to Love You 3:34
11. Drive Thru 7:54
12. Donde Esta De Casa De Pepe 3:08
13. Robots/Goodnight 7:00

Recorded Live at the Deli in Norman, Oklahoma.

Hosty One Man Band Live II - Hosty (2006) (Mike Hosty Solo)

1. Opium Whore 4:15
2. Alligator 3:21
3. Oklahoma Breakdown 7:39
4. Cleveland County Cage/Bag of Wine 9:16
5. Disco Truck/Pole 9:36
6. Spamoramathon 5:34
7. Married Man 6:17
8. Johnny Cash 7:47
9. The Only Thing 4:52
10. The Bag of Wine (Original 1939 Recording)
11. Give Me a Record Deal

Recorded Live at the Deli in Norman, Oklahoma.

The Mousetrap Sessions - Hosty (Hosty Duo) (2008)

1. Little Teeny Tiny Thing
2. Eat Yer Mac & Cheese
3. Tough Crowd
4. Please Don't Make Me Love You
5. Behold
6. Waiting
7. Ain't No Lovn
8. Watertower
9. Tip Your Hat
10. Pterodactyl
11. Five Feet Tall
12. Time to Go Home
13. Whole Wide World
14. Pterodactyl (Spanish version)
15. Streets of Gold
Recorded by Carl Amburn at the Mousetrap in Norman Oklahoma 2008.
Performed by Michael Hosty: guitar, vocals, bass pedals, foot drums, and
Michael Byars on drums.

Hosty Duo II - Hosty Duo (2012)

This is called II because supposedly it is technically the second Hosty Duo release. I would argue it is at least the third (with Mousetrap Sessions), and point out that 11 of the above 14 records feature Byars and Hosty (three are Hosty Solo). Awesome record, as always, loaded with hits. My favorites are Crack of Noon, Nobody Knows (in a JJ Cale style - these guys are actually part of the New Tulsa Sound) and 71B. I'll be sure to call you first thing when I get the crack of noon.

1. Crack of Noon - 4:28
2. Stuck - 4:30
3. Single Lady - 4:22
4. Lonely and Blue - 3:36
5. Blues Song - 4:03
6. Peaches - 4:51
7. Cry, Jukebox Cry - 3:21
8. All That Is - 3:19
9. Don't Worry About Money - 4:26
10. Nobody Knows - 4:09
11. 71B - 5:38
Engineered, mixed and produced by Carl Amburn at The Mousetrap Studio, Norman, OK July 2012.
Michael Hosty - vocals, backing vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, bass pedals, kazoo, washboard, lap steel guitar, resonator, shakers, Korg synth, iPad organ, Rhodes piano. Michael Byars - drums
Special guests on Lonely and Blue: Randy Polk - trumpet, David Craig - trombone
All songs written by Michael S. Hosty.

Hosty Duo "Yay!" - Hosty Duo (FEB 2014)

And the hits keep on coming. I was really looking forward to this as I had been hearing a bunch of the new songs. I was very surpised that Only Takes Two was not on here. I asked Hosty about it and he said not to worry, we have tons of new songs and another record will be out soon. Favorites - The Hard Way, Ready To Get On, A Place to Rock and Roll.

1. The Hard Way - ("why do you have to take the hard way?")
2. Ready To Get On - (" get on with the good times")
3. Al Green - ("if I could sing, like Al Green")
4. Lil Bit
5. A Place to Rock and Roll - (very strong rock and roll hit song!)
6. A Have You Seen My Puppet Show - (just some silly filler on the CD)
7. Rosalita - (beautuful song, great singing, Mexican style)
8. El Toro - (an instrumental)
9. Only Takes One Beer - (silly drinking song)
10. Rosalita (Spanish Version)
11. Lovn No More
12. The Dishwasher - (re-doing a classic favorite)
Mike Hosty - Vocals, Backup Vocals, Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar, Organ, Electric Piano, Drums on track#2, Shaker, Guit-organ.
Mike Byars - Drums.
Recorded and mixed at the Mousetrap Studios in Norman, OK by Carl Amburn 2015.
All songs by Mike Hosty.

Uno - Mike Hosty (2017) 1. I'm Gonna Get Ya
2. Chupacabra
3. Turkey Leg
4. Dreamed of You
5. Little Bit of Lonely
6. It Only Takes Two
7. Ain't That the Blues
8. Honey Bun
9. Hawaii
10. Barfight
Michael Hosty: vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass, drums
Recorded by Carl Amburn, Mousetrap Studios, Norman, OK
From this point on, Hosty performs solo, playing three drum pedals with his feet (bass, snare, hat). And later playing bass parts on the guitar using a Submarie pickup on the bottom strings and an octave pedal.

Which Way to Tulsa - Hosty (2020) 1. Lies
2. Morning
3. Take It
4. Hurts Me
5. Sounds Like Someone's Got the Blues
6. Kellie Lynne Kellie Lynne
7. Stoned
8. Oklahoma Breakdown (Tulsa version)
Mike Hosty - guitar, vocals
Gary Gilmore - bass
Jamie Oldaker - drums
Rockin' Jimmy Byfield - guitar
Recorded at Teegarden Studio, Tulsa, OK
Engineered by Brett Baldwin
Mixed by Carl Amburn, Mousetrap Stuios, Norman OK
Hosty went up to Tulsa and recorded this with a bunch of Tulsa guys. Shortly before Oldaker passed away.

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