John Hammond

Actually John Hammond, Jr. (his father, John Hammond, Sr., is famous as the record company talent scout who signed Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and others to Columbia records). I saw him play at the Blue Onion in Norman, Oklahoma sometime in the late 70's. Hardly anyone was there. It was an awesome show. He sat on a stool and stomped on the floor while playing acoustic guitar, singing, and blowing harp. I got to see him again at the Blue Door in OKC in April of 2000 with a crowd of only about 100 people. Someone asked if he still played "No Money Down" (Chuck Berry). He said he hadn't played it since he first started playing in the 60's. "But I'll play it tonight if you want". He did an incredible version of it. He said it was the first song he learned how to play and he said he bought the single when it first came out. Hammond is a very powerful performer and has played over 10,000 shows. He has tons of records, some solo, some with bands. I used to have an old record of his called Southern Fried, which features Hawkins and Hood (Muscle Shoals rhythm section) and Duane Allman. Long out of print, never made it to CD. Try to see him - he's still touring.


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