Junior Kimbrough

Junior Kimbough played his own style of electric delta blues. It's about the spookiest music I've heard. I highly recommend any of the first three Fat Possum records (first three listed below). He died on January 17, 1998.


Fat Possum

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The Records:

Sad Days, Lonely Nights - 1994 - Fat Possum
Excellent record.

All Night Long - 1995 - Fat Possum
Excellent record.

Most Things Haven't Worked Out - 1997 - Fat Possum
Excellent record.

God Knows I Tried - 1998 - Fat Possum
Posthumous release of unreleased stuff from 1992, 1996, and 1997.

Do the Rump! - 1997 Highwater/Hightone
Two songs recorded in 1982 and previously issued on 45" and eleven songs recorded in 1988, previously unissued. Does not sound anything like the Fat Possum records, I don't like this nearly as much.

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