Some Magazines

(Mainly just sort of a haphazard collection with a few gems, some online only)

Whole Earth
The publishers of the Whole Earth Catalog started publishing a magazine called Coevolution Quarterly a couple of decades ago. The name was later changed to Whole Earth Review and then to just Whole Earth. This was easily my favorite magazine in the world. Anything could turn up in any issue. They stopped pubishling long ago. Some articles from past issues are online.

AEON.CO Online magazine with excellent articles.

The Sun -

Yes! Magazine -

Nama Rupa - TOTALLY AWESOME yoga magazine. Now online only.

Mother Jones -

Adbusters -

Z Magazine -

Arthur (archives only)

Fifth Estate -

Salon -

LA Weekly -

Slate -

Harper's -

Urb -

In Context - - archive of back issues

Wired -

Utne Reader -

Varla -

The Atlantic -

Discover -

Nature -

Scientific American -

Gnosis - (archive and back issues only)

Mother Earth News -

Village Voice -

Nerve -

Juxtapoz -

Shaman's Drum -
Complete online archive of New York magazine Avante Garde - 1968-1971 (14issues).
Complete online archive of London magazine Oz - 1967-1973.

Slade's Home Page

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