Some Musician's Resources - OKC and Norman, Oklahoma

Music Stores

Norman Music Center - 317 W Gray Street, Norman 321-8300

Large independent store, been in Norman a long time. Authorized Fender dealer. Lots of guitars, amps, keyboards, PAs, drums, cymbals, band instruments, everything. Lots of knowledgable people on staff.

Campus Music - 317 White Street (Campus Corner), Norman 321-4717

This used to be Campus TV before Joe started selling music supplies. He still might do a little work on TVs, amps (tube only) and other electronics. He mainly sells all the small stuff - drum heads, drumsticks, guitar strings, picks, cables, tubes for amps, etc. but also keeps a bunch of cymbals in stock and he can order just about anything. He tries to be very competitive on prices. The shop is also the home of his famous cat, Jack, who has twice been kidnapped (once by sorority girls, and once was found in Texas). This is why there is a sign in the window with the cat's picture that says "Jack Lives Here". He may also bestow some words of wisdom upon you. Once on my way out the door, he advised me that "Chinamen don't eat chili!".

Jeff Wyke Electronics Repair

Jeff Wyke worked for some years as the electronics repair technician at Norman Music and later for some years at Brook Mays Music. He now works out of his own shop at home. Norman Music and several other local area stores will take amps in for him. He is expert at electronics repair. I've had him work on a couple of amps and I recommend him for that. He can be reached at 821-6309.

Horn Trader - 114 S Western, OKC 235-3999

The largest used music store in the area. Besides what you see in the main store, there is another room full of tons of old vintage drumsets. They have started cleaning some of these up one set at a time. Be sure to check with Horn Trader if you are looking for a used drumset. I got my drumset there after spending two days looking at all the stores in the OKC area. The owner collects snare drums and might show you his collection. You never know what else you may find there. A very special and interesting store to visit.

Dancing Dragon Music - OKC

I have not been to this store yet (I rarely leave Norman), but I found out that Cleve, the long-time drum expert at Norman Music, has been working there, so I assume it is a great place. Authorized Fender dealer.

Lone Wolf Guitars - 1101 SW 44, OKC 634-9911

This is the place to look for acoustic guitars - new or used, any price range. They have tons of Martins. Hundreds of guitars in stock. They also sell electric guitars & amps and other stringed instruments. They also repair guitars and amps and give guitar lessons.

Music Lessons in Norman

McMichael Music - 1005 N Flood Street Suite 1015B 360-1199

Wess McMichael taught guitar at Charlie Rayl's and later at Standridge before starting his own studio in 2000. He has teachers for guitar, drums, bass, etc. I have taken guitar lessons from Wess. He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him. Hosty teaches there too.

Sonder Music - 225 E. Gray, Norman, OK 474-9734

Opened in 2008.

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