Some Links Relating to the Controversy over the Article Published in the New York Times Magazine JAN 8, 2012: How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body by William J. Broad

Here is the original article: (first page of 5, not counting the commments):

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The comments to the New York Times begin at the bottom of either of the above links. Comments were shut off after a couple of days, by then totalling 734.

This article is an excerpt from the the book, due to be published in FEB 2012, The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards by William J. Broad. The article was published on the web on Thursday JAN 5, 2012, and in the print edition of the New York Times Magazine on Sunday JAN 8 (under the title All Bent Out of Shape).

William J. Broad's website:

The book at Amazon:

This article instantly became probably the most talked-about thing ever in the entire world of yoga. It went "viral" immediately. Within a day of being posted on the web, telephone calls, emails, Facebook postings, and announcements in yoga classes had spread the word of this article far and wide. It will not be possible to list all the major responses to the article, but I will work on gathering a collection of some links I have found here. (NOTE: This issue was dwarfed a few weeks later by the John Friend / Anusara Yoga scandal/controversy. see for more on that).

In my opinion, this article presents some very important observations about what is going on in the yoga world. It may be a bit one-sided and perhaps sensationalistic and provactive, but that's modern journalism. Glenn Black, the yoga teacher featured in the article, is one of the top authorities in the world on this subject. I have personally witnessed many yoga injuries in yoga classes, and much competitive behavior in yoga classes. I also attended a workshop with David Williams, in which he taught that pushing people into yoga postures has no place in yoga. This teaching totally fell on deaf ears. Especially in the Ashtanga world, the teachers want to push, and the students want to be pushed. And maybe that's OK, if that's what they want. Everyone is different. And it should be pointed out that the title and text of the article do not say that yoga will wreck your body, but instead point out how that might happen. Also this is an excerpt from a book, which of course will contain a more rounded view. In fairness, it should also be pointed out that the author of the article and the book is a staff writer for the New York Times. Whatever anyone thinks of the content of this article, it sure got people talking!

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