Some Psychedelic Links, etc...
Lycaeum - Links
An Entheogen Chrestomathy
Ego Death and Self Control Cybernetics - Michael Hoffman
Heffter Research Institute
Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics
Council on Spiritual Practices
MAPS - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Psychedelics Page from Serendipity
Neuro Links from pHinnWeb
Trip Magazine (formerly TRP - The Resonance Project)
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
Ayahuasca Home Page
Disembodied Eyes
Blue Honey
The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center - Daniel Seibert
Salvia.usHome of Salvia Divinorum Magazine
Theatrum Botanicum
Psychedelic Ring
High Times -
High Times article on Terpines -
Terence McKenna Land
The Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson Show
Timothy Leary
John Lilly
Charles Tart
Ralph Metzner
Jay Stevens
Psychedelic Bookstore
Mind Books
Cannabis webring
AAMC - American Alliance for Medical Cannabis -
Marijuana Policy Project
Cannabis Culture
Cannabis Information Network
Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center
The Lindesmith Center
LSD - My Problem Child - Albert Hoffman
I Begin Again
The Ibogaine Dossier
Do It Now Foundation
Plants of Power - BBC
Wade Davis
Yahoo - Magazines - Marijuana
The November Coalition
Alchohol: Problems and Solutions
Mushrooms and Mankind - James Arthur
CIA Drug Trafficking
James Arthur
Psylocybe Fanaticus
Fungi Perfecti
How Mushrooms Will Save the World ( article on Paul Stamets)
Just Say Once to Salvia
John Horgan
Green Earth - Ralph Metzner
Book about Manna
Zig Zag Zen Preserving Ancient Sacred Knowledge
Entheology.netLive Plants
www.lsd.infoInternational Symposium honoring Albert Hoffman's 100th birthday - Albert Hoffman Foundation
Entheogen Review The Marijuana and Hemp Network
Planet Ganja
Marijuana, The Anti-Drug - Fred Gardiner LEAP = Law Enforcemnt Against Prohibition
Psychedelic.Info - World Psychedelic Forum
Collection of info on Ayahuasca - - Krystle Cole
Jim DeKorne -
John Allegro -
(author of The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross)
Tons of info on entheogenic plants. The site is mostly all in Spanish, except this:
This is the June 10, 1957 Life Magazine article about Gordon Wasson. "Magic Mushrooms Demystified"
Breaking Open the Head - Daniel Pinchbeck
Reality Sandwich - - Daniel Pinchbeck
Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research - University of California -

"Don't drink wine. Become intoxication." - Rilke

I explain my position on drugs here.

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