Jonathan Richman

His first record, The Modern Lovers (1975 - now on Rhino), is one of the most classic rock and roll records. His band on that record includes David Robinson on drums, who later was the drummer for the Cars and Jerry Harrison on keyboards, who was later in Talking Heads. Songs include Roadrunner (later covered by Joan Jett and the Sex Pistols), Pablo Picasso (covered by Burning Sensations on the Repo Man soundtrack), and I'm Straight, an anti-drug anthem. The first record has a sound similar to some Velvet Underground records (and was in fact mostly produced by John Cale). He made a few more records with the Modern Lovers. He has continued to put out records, mainly on the Rounder label, sometimes solo, sometimes with a band or just a drummer. I've seen him a couple of times alone with an electric guitar and once (9/27/99) with a nylon-string acoustic guitar and a drummer standing up with a cocktail drumset. I was amazed at his ability to play rock and roll on the nylon strings. He is a charismatic and powerful performer. He has very positive energy, mainly singing love songs. He may not have the volume way up but he plays groovy rock and roll songs and gets people dancing. Very special man.

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