The Legendary Shackshakers

Went to see Southern Culture on the Skids at VZDs in 2003 (never miss 'em) and these guys were the opening band. Yow!! What a surprise. Ultra-cool rock and roll - psychobilly/rockabilly/blues/punk/swamp - they like to call it southern gothic. Cockadoodledont totally captures their sound and is one of the most awesome records I have ever heard. Get It! Joebuck, who plays bass for Hank Williams III, was the guitar player when I saw them, but has since been replaced. The singer, Col. J.D. Wilkes, is quite a character - and he blows a mean harp. Why does he call himself a Colonel? Because he has been commissioned by the state of Kentucky as a Kentucky Colonel, that's why (yep, like Col. Sanders, the fried chicken guy). Also he does some really unusual art - great big "sideshow banners". Yeah, yeah - check these guys out!

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Interview with JD at Dixie Tucker Very interesting - check it out...

Bloodshot Records

Booking Agent - Tour Info

The Records: Hunkerdown (08/11/1998) Spinout Records

Cockledoodledon't (04/22/2003) Bloodshot Records

Believe (10/09/2004) Yep Roc Records

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