Social Distortion

Tough, no-nonsense rock and roll, intense and powerful. They're known as a punk-rock band but the style is more straight-ahead rock and roll. The guitars are crunchy and distorted. I'm familiar with three of their records - Social Distortion (1990), Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (1992), and White Light, White Heat, White Trash (1996). They are all excellent and well-produced. The official site has a complete discography. As you would expect, they put on an intense and loud live show.

Mike Ness released a solo record in 1999 called Cheating at Solitaire. This is an excellent record, which I recommend. It sounds similar to a Social Distortion record but with some acoustic guitar, slide guitar, pedal steel guitar and saxophone. He has since put out another one called Under the Influence, which is all covers of mostly old honky tonk songs. This is a really cool record.


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