Tenderloin made three awesome records before breaking up. They are loud and intense with songs about drinking and barbeque. Back in the 80's when the Fortune Tellers ruled the OKC rock and roll scene, there seemed to be lots more cool shows in the area. One band that used to come around was the Sin City Disciples from Kansas City, led by Ernie Locke. He was the singer and also played harmonica. He had his own amp for vocals and harp, which he used with some heavy effects. He is a bit overweight and always used to take off his shirt and shake his bellyfat. I remember one time when they played at VZD's he was out skateboarding up and down Western before the show. They usually covered a few punk rock classics along with their own cool R&B style rock and roll. He told me they stole the name Sin City Disciples from a motorcyle gang which they heard had been wiped out by another gang so they figured it was safe to take the name. After the Disciples broke up, Ernie came down and sang with the Reverb Brothers a few times. Later he started Tenderloin. This band had a MONTROUS sound. I don't know if they ever came around here but I never got to see them anyway. Tenderloin is a band that really should have gone places. All three records can still be found (used CDs cheap at Amazon). The drummer on the last two records is Taz, formerly of Reverend Horton Heat, and now with Hillbilly Hellcats. All the records are very well produced with a giant sound and lots of guitar. When you need something to really cut through, these records will do it. Later Ernie had a band called Parlay. And after that he started a band in Tampa, Florida called Nervous Turkey.

The Records:

Let It Leak - 1994 Qwest/Warner Bros


Bullseye - 1995 Qwest/Warner Bros

(Out of print)

Tenderloin - 1997 Time Bomb


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Revised 05/02/11 (posted in 2000)