These are just some links in case you want to see what's on the web concerning the wild and crazy subject of "Y2K". I had to get into this a few years ago at my job. (Here's a document I wrote explaining why its no big deal if your PC has the Y2Kdate rollver problem). There's a lot more to the Y2K deal than that, though. I'm not sure what I even think about all this, but here's a bunch of links:

Not necessarily well-maintained or in any particular order, just something I threw together a while back when I found this interesting enough to check into.

Some Y2K Links

General and Miscellaneous Y2K Links

Gary North    Main Categories Page    Latest Links  (updated daily)
(Scary Gary - king of the doomsayers - he's interesting but quite extreme)

Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot  (just for some perspective)

Year 2000 Information Center (YEAR2000.COM) - Peter de Jager

YEAR2000.COM Archives   YEAR2000.COM Press Clippings (updated daily)

Yahoo Y2K page   Yahoo Y2K News - Full Coverage - Daily updates

Sanger's Review of Y2K News Reports

Y2K Specialist

Ed Yardeni's Y2K page   Ed Yardeni's Y2K Book

BBC Education - Millennium Bug Information

Ed Yourdon (author of Time Bomb 2000)


Paula Gordon's Selected Y2K References and Resources

Scott Olmstead - Prepare 4 Y2K

Cory Hamaski's Y2K DC Weather Reports

Utne Reader's Y2K book

Y2K Newswire   Y2K Newswire - Y2K Spin Chart

Y2K Culture

Red Cross Y2K

Discovery Institute

Center for Strategic and International Studies - Y2K Conference

Washington D.C. Year 2000 Group

Douglas Carmichael  A Lengthy Sociological Anaysis

Global Millennium Foundation

Collection of Links at George Washington University

JR Stockton    Critical and Significant Dates


Y2K News

Year 2000 Millenium Resource Site Ring   List of Y2K Webring Sites

CBN (700 Club) Y2K

Center for Millennial Studies

Green Earth

Everything 2000

Cassandra Project

Y2K Nightmare

Y2K for Women

Survive Y2K - Jim Lord


Reptilian Associates Year 2000 Information (A. Lizard)


Rogue Valley, OR Task Force

ITAA Y2K page    Information Technology Associaton of America

Data Dimensions Millenium Journal Index

Computer Information Centre (U.K.)

Future, Doomsday, Year 2000 - Daniel Fisher

Y2K Watch

CPSR Y2K page   Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

2K Times - Gary Eubanks

Y2K Links Database

Washington Post Article 08/02/98

Intelsat Y2K page

Support 2000


Disaster Center Y2K page

Dr. Reynolds Griffith, Economics Professor, Stephen F. Austin State University

Elmbronze Ltd.

Harlan Smith

Panic in the Year 00 - Randall Bart   Dazzle Dates - Randall Bart

Action 2000


Dealing with the Year 2000 Problem


Y2K Law Site     The Year 2000 Legal Site     2000LEGAL.COM

Y2K Investor

CIO.COM Year 2000 Reserch Center

CIO.COM Koskinen Interview 08/01/98

Y2K Journal

SIM International

Greenwich 2000

Y2K Internet Sites

Michael Hyatt

Bank for International Settlements - Joint Year 2000 Council

AT&T Year 2000 Website

General Electric Y2K

Ship2000 - Y2K and Shipping


"Panic in the Year 0" - Datamation

"Year 2000: The Domino Effect" - Datamation

U.K. Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency

Credit Union National Association


Colorado Springs Y2K Preparation Group

08/08/98 Article in The American Spectator

BuzzByte - Y2K Links

Giant List of Y2K Links - Cinderella Project

Giant List of Y2K Links - G. Girod

Federation of American Scientists Y2K page   FAS - Millennia Monitor

2000 Aware

ISACA  Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Foundation

Dr. Leon Kappelman

Y2K Info

Bill Cook


GPS article

SIA - Securities Industry Association

Union Pacific Railroad

Article in National Guard Magazine

Y2K Doc

Intellectual Capital Y2K


Newsgroup -
  (you may want to use a newsreader for this one)

Y2K Links - Utilities (Electric/Water/Gas), Embedded Systems

Rick Cowles - Electric Utilities and Y2K

Westergaard - Articles on Y2K and Power

Gary North's Power Grid page - over 250 links

Roleigh Martin

White Paper on Embedded Systems - Paula D. Gordon, Ph.D.

U.K. Institute of Electrical Engineers   Info on Embedded Systems

NERC   North American Electric Reliability Council

NERC's Y2K Plan

Scott Rubin's Electric Utility Links

Yahoo Utilities

Edison Electric Institute  Edison Electric Institue - Y2K Page

EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute

Nuclear Power/Electric Utility Links

Texas Public Utility Commission

Article from San Jose Mercury News

Paper on Embedded Systems - Mark A. Frautschi

Energy Information Administration - DOE   - energy statistics - no Y2K info

06/12/98 - Government say Electric Utilities Must Work Harder

Free Republic Y2K News

American Public Power Association

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Nuclear Utilities Software Management Group Y2K

AEP - American Electric Power

Alliant Energy

Florida Power and Light

NSPCO (Northern States Power Company)

OG&E (Oklahoma Gas and Electric)

Pacific Gas and Electric

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

Scott Rubin's Water Utility Links

American Petroleum Institute


Will we have power on Jan 1, 2000?

The Uranium Institute

Y2K Links - Technical - Computer Hardware and Software

Micro Firmware Year 2000 document   I wrote this at my job

Real-Time Clocks and the Year 2000 Issue   Excellent white paper from Dell

The Century Rollover and the PC System Date   Another excellent article from Dell

PC Y2000 Alliance

Article from Software Magazine

Microsoft Y2K Website


National Software Testing Labs

Resource 800 Y2K Info

Resource 800 - Dallas DS12C887 Clock Chip

Rightime   Detailed PC info and TSR fix

PC Magazine Year 2000 Resource Center



Sun Microsystems

Y2K and Clipper - Greg Holmes

Year 2000 and xBase Languages

Complete Y2K Website for COBOL Leacagy Systems

IBM Year 2000    IBM Year 2000 Technical Support

Mitre Corp.   (Government contractor)


EDS Vendor 2000 Database

Arnold Jagt

Official U.S. Government Y2K Web Sites

U.S. President's Y2K site   President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion

Senator Bennett's Y2K site

House of Representatives Y2K

House Subcommittee on Government Management Information and Technology Y2K

U.S. Senate Y2K Committee

US Dept of Transporation Y2K

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Navstar GPS Info

Department of Defense Y2K Plan Main Page  - Foreward  - Contents

The Navy on GPS

U.S. Army Y2K site

U.S. Army Y2K site

Another Army Y2K site

U.S. Army Materiel Command Y2K site

U.S. Navy Y2K Page

U.S. Air Force Y2K site

U.S. Joint Staff Y2K site

Defense Information Systems Agency Y2K

FCC   Federal Communications Commission

Y2K site of Office of House Majority Leader

Federal Reserve Board Y2K site

GSA International Y2K info

FEMA  FEMA Site Index   FEMA Y2K    Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA - U.S. Fire Administration

U.S. President Executive Order 02/04/98


Department of the Interior Y2K page

Small Business Association Y2K page

FAA Y2K site   Federal Aviation Agency

SEC   Securities and Exchange Commission

CDC (Center for Disease Control)

I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service)

Office of Chief Information Officer

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

USDA U.S.Department of Agriculture

USDA Food Supply Working Group

Farm Services Agency (USDA)

National Resources Conservation Service (USDA)

General Accounting Office

National Conference of State Legislatures

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

Office of Comptroller of Currency

Los Alamos National Laboratory

U.S. Treasury Department

Office of Thrift Supervision

Federal Finacial Institutions Examination Council

U.S. Federal Government Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories

IT Y2K - America's Job Bank - Public Employment Service

Department of Energy

Y2K GSA Telecommunications Info Center

Official U.S. State Y2K Web Sites

State of Alabama

State of Alaska

State of Arizona

State of Arkansas

State of California  Warning from LAO (Legislative Accouting Office)

State of Colorado

State of Connecticut     State of Connecticut

State of Delaware

State of Florida

State of Georgia

State of Hawaii

State of Idaho

State of Illinois

State of Indiana

State of Iowa

State of Kansas

State of Kentucky

State of Louisiana

State of Maine  

State of Maryland

State of Massachusetts

State of Michigan

State of Minnesota

State of Mississippi

State of Missouri

State of Montana

State of Nebraska

State of Nevada

State of New Hampshire

State of New Jersey

State of New Mexico

State of New York

State of North Carolina

State of North Dakota

State of Ohio

State of Oklahoma

State of Oregon

State of Pennsylvania

State of Rhode Island

State of South Carolina

State of South Dakota

State of Tennessee

State of Texas

State of Utah

State of Vermont

State of Virginia

State of Washington

State of West Virginia

State of Wisconsin

State of Wyoming

Other State and Local Y2K Sites

List of local Y2K groups

NASIRE   National Association of State Information Resource Executives

Public Technolgy Institute - Y2K for Local Governments - For IT Professionals in State and Local Government

Lowell, Ma

Grassroots Group

Seattle, WA Official Y2K site

Portland, OR Official Y2K site

Co-Intelligence - Local Government

Olympia, WA

Doylestown (PA) Community Fellowship

Y2K Links - International

List of Various National Y2K sites

Finacial Regulatore Y2K Resources

United Nations Y2K site

Task Force 2000

World Bank

Wired news - many countries behind

ABC News - Rating of Countries


Australian Government Y2K site

Vistoria, Australia Y2K site

Canadian Government Y2K site


Hong Kong


Malaysian Government Y2K site

New Zealand Government Y2K site

Hong Kong Government Y2K site


Russian Y2K site


South African Government Y2K site

South Korea in trouble



Collection of Survival Documents

Rocky Mountain Survival Group   A clearinghouse for survival info

Survival - A Beginning   Many survival links

Captain Dave's Survival Center - Home Page  Y2K Page

Survival page - Daniel Fisher

Survival Web-ring

RealGoods   Solar power, wind power, etc.

Jade Mountain

Walton Feed   Walton Feed Self-Reliance & Info Page

BuzzByte - Preparedness & Self-Sufficiency Links

Lehman's (non-electric goods)

Equipped to Survive

The Epicenter

Utah Survival Shelters  Info on radiation and fallout shelters

AJPM   Gold, silver, etc.

Numismatic Properties   Gold, silver, etc.

NRA - National Rifle Association



Y2K Chaos

Ark Institute

Worldwatch Institute

Disaster Resource Guide

Ozark Coop

Medical Management of Biological Casuslties Handbook - US Army

Supplier of diatomaceous earth

Plants for a Future

Y2K Supply

Seeds of Change

Home Power

Nuclear War Survival


Solar Extreme

Sunny Farms

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