Yoga Links
My page of yoga links, including extensive Ashtanga listings.

Yoga Books
My Yoga Bibliography, mainly oriented to serious asana study.

Yoga Videos
My page of yoga videos, including documentaries and some instructional videos.

A Favorite Story

Cults - my page of links for info on researching religious cults

My Notes From a Workshop with David Williams

Some Favorite and Recommended Yoga Blogs:
Richly entertaining and much needed critique of the commercialization of yoga and yoga celebrity pop culture.

Yoga Anatomy for the Perplexed -
"Advice for yoga injuries."

Love Yoga Anatomy -
"Advice for yoga injuries."

Yoga Dork -
All the big news and gossip from the "yoga world".

Shivers Up the Spine -

Body Divine Yoga - Danielle Prohom Olson -

Daily Cup of Yoga -

Yoga Modern -

The Magazine of Yoga -
As of April 2012, the site only has archives (from 2009-2011), perhaps they're done (they don't say).
Some pretty cool interviews and articles in the collection. - Dr. Kathleen Lea Summers

Yoga for Healthy Aging -

It's All Yoga Baby -

Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama Yoga At Home -
Extensive, serious, and very interesting blog documenting home practice (of Ashtanga yoga).

Some Yoga Magazines:

Nama Rupa Magazine - A SERIOUS yoga magazine.

Yoga Journal -
Covering yoga scene since the 1970's. Note that back issues are now archived at google magazines.

Yoga International Magazine -

Wild Yogi Magazine - (in Russian and English)

Ascent Magazine -
Published from 1999-2009. Archives are online.

Some Selected Links - K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute
"Official" website of Ashtanga yoga, includes list of authorized and certified teachers.
Comprehensive listing of resources. Includes another list of teachers, which is strictly regulated.

Article on Ashtanga Yoga from Yoga Journal JAN/FEB 1995

Yuku Ashtanga Yoga Discussion Forum (formerly EZBoard)

Ashtanga Yoga Studio - Andrew Eppler - Norman, Oklahoma (My Teacher)

David Williams - Maui, HI -

David Keil's Yoga Anatomy Workshops

YUKU Discussion Forum (formerly EZBoard)

Paul Grilley - Yin Yoga

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