ZZ Top

New record - Mescalero - was released 09/09/03. It is totally awesome.

The last record, XXX was released 09/28/99. It is super-cool. Previous record, Rhythmeen, is also AWESOME. If not hip to ZZ Top, get one of these recent records, and you'll see - they RULE. Maybe the longest lived 3-man band (over 3 decades), they've had quite a career and still getting better. Billy Gibbons is a guitar god. These latest few records are a return to a pure sound of rock&roll/blues guitars and drums, nothing like their monster techno hits of the 80's from Eliminator. Still a pretty tricked-out sound, though. But MAN, that's a fat sound!


Official Site

ZZTop.nu      Hungarian ZZ Top Site

The Records:

Mescalero (09/09/03)

XXX   (09/28/99)
Read about it or order it at Amazon.com

Rhythmeen (1996)

Antenna (1994)

Recycler (1990)

Afterburner (1985)

Eliminator (1983)

El Loco (1981)

De Guello (1979)

Tejas (1976)

Fandango (1975)

Tres Hombres (1973)

Rio Grande Mud (1972)

ZZ Top's First Album (1970)

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