Directory Freedom (Complete ZIP file) DF.COM only (configured with sensible colors)
My favorite program. I have used Directory Freedom daily ever since the days of DOS 5.0 (a long time ago). It is an old DOS program but I've used it (in full-screen DOS/COMMAND mode) under WIN95/WIN98 and as of 2009, I'm still using it under Windows 2000, although its limitations are more obvious (2018 - still using every day on the older WIN2000 machine, I have XP on my newer machine, but don't keep all my text files there). It is a powerful but simple DOS-based file manager. One thing to note - it will copy files with long WIN95/98 filenames, but the long filenames will be lost. Formerly shareware, the author later released it as freeware.
My other favorite program, also used daily. SLED is a simple but powerful DOS text editor. Formerly shareware, now freeware. TOTALLY ELEGANT. As of 2009, I'm still using this on my WIN98 machine, and sometimes under WIN2000.

NOTE JAN 2011 - about to move into WINXP and move my WIN98 machine to WIN2000. Also have reached file size limits - SLED is limited to available DOS Conventional Memory. Having trouble with files around 380KB. So sadly starting to investigate suitable replacement. There are some good articles at Wikipeida about text editors and I found this awesome site:

And to update that in early 2018 - back in 2011, when I needed a new editor to deal with larger files, I finally just started using the DOS EDITOR (MS-EDIT), which was provided with all versions of Windows up until at least XP. So I use EDIT a lot but still use SLED as well.

A giant text file I wrote about DOS. A bit dated, but if you have some need or interest in learning about DOS, there is A LOT of concentrated DOS knowledge here. (and a lot that is not there, such as piping and redirecting on the command line).

IrfanView is the best I know of for viewing JPEG and many other graphics formats. FREEWARE from Germany.

Pegasus Mail
I use and recommend Pegasus for email. Pegasus is FREEWARE and can be found here.
Phil and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
This is an online book about website design. Very interesting. Explains why websites should be kept simple.
This is Jakob Neilson's giant website covering web design usability issues. The weekly AlertBox columns are the heart of the site. The most classic of these is the Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design
Also be sure to see the column from 1999: Top Ten Mistakes Revisited 10 Years Later
Here is an HTML table that shows the 216 colors of the "color safe" palette with HTML hex values. Can be used to help select colors for backgrounds, etc. Also shows a 16-color chart. I never really totally understood the issues behind this, but I think these colors will looke the same on PCs and MACs, without dithering. I mainly made this just to have fun learning about tables and colors in HTML
There are actually over 16 million different colors that can be selected with HTML color codes. Here is a site to help in selecting colors -
Y2K Links
Tons of way-old Y2K-related links. (I compiled this back in 1998 or so when I was working at a company that was involved in Y2K issues).
DVD-CD stuff: - Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ


Mike Richter's CDR Primer at - Computer History Museum - Domain Name Registration

Half Price Hosting

GWD Hosting

Yahoo - Computers and Internet

MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

Alan Turing Home Page

HTML Writers Guild

Kelly Jelly Factory (a web designer)


Unicomp -
American company makes old-school "clicky" keyboards based on the classic IBM Model-M.
Sellers of used IBM Model M keyboards.

Computer Links
Some PC-related links. Taken from a list I maintained at my old job. (I don't do much maintenance on this anymore, probably lots of broken links)

Internet/WWW: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) / Yahoo - World Wide Web / Netmind / Design Ideas for HTML Tables / / Bookmarklets / Sam Choukri's Colormaker / / / W3C HTML Validation Service / Electronic Freedom Foundtion / ZDNet DevHead / / Webmonkey / Index Dot HTML / LinkExchange SiteOwner / MSDN Online Web Workshop / projectcoolmedia / Netscape - Web Building / IDrive / eFUSE /

Info & Misc: Internet FAQs Consortium / Microsoft KnowledgeBase / EIDE FAQ / Mining Co - Computers / PBINFO / Ziff Davis / Intel Secrets (X86.ORG) / SupportHelp / WebReference / Parallel Port Info / Tom's Hardware Guide / Glenn's GW2K Info / GW2K FAQ / System Optimization Page / PC Lube and Tune / PBCNET / GW2K User's Page / PC World Online / Ray's Packard Bell Info / Another Packard Bell Site / PC Power and Cooling / NANPA (Area Codes) / Unofficial Netscape FAQ / Computer Information Center (CompInfo) / House of Hall / ATX Info / TechWeb / CEO Express (tons of links) / (computer terminology and concepts) / Bruce's Web Page Help / / DevSearch / NoWonder / SupportHelp / Magenta Systems Intel Motherboard Reference / IBM - OS/2 / Northern Telecom Digital Powerline / Bugnet / PC Mechanic / ZD Benchmarks / FCC ID Database / Slashdot / Computercraft / PCI SIG / Babelfish / CMPTV / Telecom Terminolgy / Langa List / PC Technology Guide / Computing Out Loud (Voice Recognition) / Knowware / Keyboard-Friendly /

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