Depleted Uranium (DU)

Learn about it now.....

DU for Dummies - Irving Wesley Hall
Excellent introductory article on DU -
More at Irving's website : We're Not in Kansas Anymore -

Uranium Medical Research Centre

Low Level Radiation Campaign

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium -

International Action Center - Depleted Uranium Education Project

International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

International Depleted Uranium Study Team

Military Toxics Project

Warning from Dr Rokke

A Treatise on Military Weapons Containing the Radioactive Material: Depleted Uranium - Schott/Lopez/LaForge

Trail of A Bullet - DU Article Series from Christian Science Monitor

WISE Uranium Project

Traprock Peace Center

DU Info from US Military

A Flash Animation on DU

Documentary Films About DU

Metal of Dishonor
1997 Peoples Video Network 50 minutes VHS
I have seen this one - it is very good. Poison Dust (see below) is a newer one from the same people, and I would recommend that one over this older one.
Available here:
or here:
or here:

Downwind: Depleted Uranium Weapons in the Age of Virtual War
2001 Jawad Metni, Pinhole Pictures 50 minutes ($20.00 DVD-R)
I have seen this one - it is very good - highly recommended.
Available here:

The Invisible War: Depleted Uranium and the Politics of Radiation
2002 Martin Meissonnier 65 minutes ($25.00)
Available here:

The Doctors, The Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children
2004 Freida Wagner, Valentin Thurn (VHS $30.00)
German documentary available here:

Poison Dust
2005 Sue Harris, Peoples Video Network 99 minutes ($20.00)
Excellent film, was originally distributed as a DVD-R, later upgraded to DVD.

Blowin' in the Wind
2005 Australia

Beyond Treason
2005 William Lewis, Power Hour Productions 89 minutes ($19.95)

Contaminated Forever - The Deadly Aftermath of DU Weapons
2008 Wes Rehberg 105 minutes ($19.95 - DVD-R)
Official Site:

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