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Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Cree Prophecy

Ecology * Water * Wilderness Skills * Gardening * Worms * Compost * Seeds / Plants * Plant Info * Lawncare * Organic Farming / Permaculture * IPM (Integrated Pest Management) / Pest Control * Primitive Agriculture * Trees * Tools *

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And My Page on Horticulture Books (Organic Gardening, Lawncare, Farming, etc)



Grassroots Recycling Network Green news, products

50 Simple Things

Mass Extinction of Species

World Population

Yahoo Directory - Environment and Nature

Whole Earth Magazine

Sierra Club

Rainforest Action Network


Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring)


Green Earth Foundation - Ralph Metzner

Society for Ecological Restoration

U.S. Longterm Ecological Research Network

International Peace Bureau

Bagheera - Endangered Species

World Wildlife Fund

Context Institute

Worldwatch Institute

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Center for Respect of Life and Environment

Defenders of Wildlife        GREENLines

Climate Change Solutions

Pembina Institute

PANNA - Pesticide Action Network North America

NCAP Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (

Beyond Pesticides

Why Ban Pesticides

Earth Policy Institute

Earth Justice


Environmental Publications

War on Plastic - Excellent article from Culture Change

Environment Page at

Earth Island Institute

The Edge - Environmental News from the Brink

Organic Consumers Association Woody Harrelson

GreenFuel Technologies Corporation

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation -


American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

Forgotten Rain

Clean Water Action

Wilderness Skills

Wilderness Awareness - Jon Young Links page

Hollowtop - Thomas J. Elpel

Tracker School - Tom Brown

Earthwalk Northwest - Frank and Karen Sherwood

Hawk Circle

Teaching Drum Outdoor School

Ozark Tracking Society

Green Deane -


Dave's Garden massive gardening site

Dirt Doctor - Howard Garrett's The Natural Way

Rabbit Hill Farms

Greensense (Organic Fertilizers)

Gardens Alive

Gardening Places - Tons of Links

Yahoo - Gardening

North Country Organics

Organic Approach

Backyard Gardener

You Bet Your Garden Radio Show - Mike McGrath

Gardening Guru

GardenWeb Discussion Forums

Organic Gardening FAQ page at GardenWeb

Organic Gardening Magazine

Soil Foodweb

Rodale - Organic Gardening

Clemson University Home Garden Information Center

Edible Landscaping

Organic Gardening Webring

Square Foot Gardening

Felder Rushing

Seeds / Plants - Encyclopedia of Life

Seeds of Change Native seeds. Gigantic Selection

Territorial Seed

Chiltern Seeds Huge selection of seeds!

High Country Gardens Drought-tolerant and native plants.

Thompson and Morgan Huge distributor of seeds

Squaw Mountain Gardens (succulents)

Mountain Valley Growers (herbs/perrenials)

Stock Seed Farms Excellent source for wildflower and prarie grass seed.

Johnston Seed - Oklahoma source for wildflower and grass seed.

Native Seeds/SEARCH

Native American Seeds

Plants of the Southwest
I heard McGrath talk about this on You Bet Your Garden. He was advising a caller to install a moss lawn. This is the place for moss info.


Rhizome Barrier

American Bamboo Society -


Worm Digest

Mary Appelhof (The WormWoman)


Amy Stewart's Worm Blog


Cornell Composting Page

Master Composter


An Article about Milorganite

More about Sewage Sludge


Plant Info / Misc

Plants for a Future -

Goosefoot Acres - Edible Weeds - Dandelions!

Poison Ivy A page of links

Cal Lemke's Plant of the Week

GreenPrints - The Weeder's Digest

Weed Science Society of America

Purdue Agronomics Extension

Erosion Control Magazine

Fungi Perfecti

Wildflowers and Weeds - Foraging and Ethnobotany Links

Iowa State - Weed Science Online

Lawncare GIGANTIC discussion forum

The Lawn Institute

TPI Turfgrass Resource Center     Links page

Eric ELM - R.I.P. - (a professional mower)

NCSU TurfFiles National Turfgrass Evaluation Program

Organic Farming / Permaculture

Acres USA Best source for tons of info...extensive book catalog.

Permaculture Activist

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

ATTRA - Introduction to Permaculture Tons of resources here...

Permaculture Institute - Jim Bones

Fukuoka Farming

Urban Argiculture Notes - City Farmer


Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont

Organic Trade Association

Yahoo - Agriculture

Tierra Lucero

Journey To Forever

Center for Bioregional Living - Andrew Faust -

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) / Pest Control

IPM Online - University of California at Davis

IPM at Iowa State University

Regional USDA IPM Centers

Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook

IPM Almanac

Best Site on Mole Control - (they must be trapped!)

Primitive Agriculture

Beyond Wilderness - Toby Hemenway Permaculture in the Ancient Amazon

Charles Mann articleMore on Ancient Americans

Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden Entire text of this classic book online.

Trees are the lungs of the world.

ISA - International Society of Arboriculture

International Society of Arboriculture

Books about trees by Alex Shigo

Some Online Tree Info by Alex Shigo

Ray Morneau, Arborist

Forest Applications Training


Cyberlawn - Outdoor Power Equipment Institute

GardenWeb Toolshed Forum

A. M. Leonard (high quality garden tools)
This is the place to buy tools!

Gempler's Compare here - another great source for tools.

Smith and Hawken (some high quality garden tools)

Lee Valley (high quality garden tools)

American Arborist Supplies

Lehman's (non-electric tools) - Green Industry Manufacturer Links

The Weed Wrench Incredible tool!! I have the medium size and have pulled up thousands of little trees with it. No longer in production as of 2013. Website no longer up as of 2019.

Puller Bear -
Have not yet seen or used a Puller Bear. This is one alternative to the Weed Wrench, which sadly is no longer in production as of late 2013.

The Uprooter -
Have not yet seen or used the Uprooter. This is another alternative to the Weed Wrench.

Scythe Supply - compost spreaders

Weaver Leather


Lawn and Garden Warehouse

Landscaper Supply

Tree Tools









Florian Ratchet Cut

Little Wonder

DR Field & Brush Mowers

Valeo (Anti-vibration gloves)

Schiek (Anti-vibration gloves)

Hal E. Verble (trimmer heads)

Sufix (trimmer heads)

Stump Machine

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