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The most common vision problems are caused by chronic tension in the six muscles which attach to the eyeball and/or the cilliary muscle inside the eyeball. The imbalances resulting from deep chronic tension in these muscles can cause the eyeball and/or cornea to become deformed from their proper shapes, thus affecting vision. It may not be easy, but this tension can be removed (by way of exercising/relaxing the eyes). There is a large amount of information available on alternative means of improving eyesight, most of it derived from the work of W.H. Bates. See books and links below.


With age and exposure to UV rays of the sun, many people develop cataracts, a cloudiness on the lenses which causes blurry vision, becoming worse over time. The conventional medical solution for this problem is surgery to remove and replace the lenses of the eyeballs. This could be done cheaply - the SEVA Foundation has performed over 3 million of these operations in third-world countries at no charge, their cost is less than $50.00 per eye. But in the US the cost is over $3,000.00 per eye. The procedure takes just a few minutes. A new development involves replacing the lens with a lens tshat corrects vision to 20/20 for and extra $1,000 or so per eye. There are no other solutions offerred by modern medicine.

There is an eyedrop product called CAN-C which is claimed by some to reduce cataracts. It is a bit expensive at $30-$40 for 2 tiny bottles. The active ingredient is N-acetyl carnosine. See also Life Extension Brite Eyes III, which is a bit less expensive at $25.00 for 2 tiny bottles. Note that both of these products list N-acetyl carnosine as an excipient or inactive ingredient, but this is the anti-oxident which works to reduce cataracts and to prevent macular degeneration. (these products are also used to reduce cataracts in dogs).

Another similar, but more expensive, product is OcluMed -

And there is an herbal eyedrop formula from Dr. Christopher called "Herbal Eye Formula", which is claimed by some to reduce cataracts and help with other vision problems such as glaucoma. I trust the late Dr. Christopher as one of the greatest herbalists of our time. (note that there is also a capsule form of the Herbal Eye Formula, as well as a tincture form of just the Eyebright herb called Eyebright Extract). This formula contains eyebright, bayberry bark, goldenseal, red rasberry leaf and cayenne pepper. Full price for this is about $17 per bottle and you can find it cheaper. See links below, and check out reviews on Amazon.


Whitaker Nutrition - Ocular Pressure & Retina Defense
see reviews on this product

Some Books:

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without GlassesWilliam H. Bates
The classic book by the pioneer. First published in 1920.

Yoga for Your Eyes - Meir Schneider
This is a DVD and a booklet packaged together. Excellent program. This guy cured himself of blindness.
Amazon (DVD/Booklet):
Meir Schneider's website:
Meir Schneider's Youtube Channel:

Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates - Thomas R. Quackenbush (editor)
2000 North Atlantic Books 500 pages

Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight - Naturally! - Thomas R. Quackenbush
2000 North Atlantic Books 521 pages

Improve Your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses: A New Program of Eye Exercises
1996 Fireside

The Art of Seeing - Aldous Huxley
1982 Creative Arts 170 pages (paperback $9.95) ISBN 0916870480
Originally published in 1942.
Classic work by the author of Brave New World tells how he cured his vision problems by using the Bates Method. Indepth analysis of the philosophy and psychology involved, including why this knowledge remains ignored by the establishment. Highly recommended!

Take Off Your Glasses and See - Jacob Liberman
Subtitled: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight
1995 Three Rivers Press 288 pages (paperback $14.00) ISBN: 0517886049

Tibetan Eye Chart
Not a book but a chart with instructions on the back. This may be a very valuable tool, supposedly designed by Tibetan monks to aid with vision improvement. Not sure if you can buy this anymore. Can download PDF here:

Some Links:

Natural Vision Improvement -

Bates Method International -
This Wikipedia article explains that the Bates method is considered by modern scientists to be pseudoscience.

Ran Prieur talks about his eyes

Myopia Prevention and Control -

Overview of Bates Method

Imagination Blindness -

ARC Centre of Excellence in Vison Science -

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Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye -

Herbal Eye Formula -

Info on Eye Ailments from Dr. Christopher -

Brite Eyes III - Manufacturers Website -

CAN-C - Manufacturers Website -
Excellent source for Dr. Christopher's products.

Pinhole Glasses:

NOTE: You can find pinhole glasses very cheap on
(like $2.00 with free shipping, takes awhile to arive from Hong Kong)

Google Search Results for "pinhole glasses"

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