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Some Ideas on Self-Healing

Notes on Alternative Cancer Treatments
(including many books)

Some Food Books,    Some Yoga Books,

Some Body Books    Some Qigong Books

Some Mental Health Books

Current most interesting and recommended book is PAIN FREE by Pete Egoscue - how to reengineer your musculoskeletal system! Also highly recommended is Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries by Sharon Butler - its about gentle focused stretching. Both of these books have a strong message of self-healing and are loaded with critical information. More info on these books is on Body Books page.

Hand Problems  (info on arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc)      Chinese Health Balls

Tools for Self-Massage

Eyes - Improving Vision

Ears - Hearing Loss

Bird Flu / Swine Flu       Garlic as Medicine

Aspartame Research Resources


Some Health Links    Just some links thrown together.

Feldenkrais Links

Yoga Links

Qigong Links

Alexander Technique Links

The Doctor Within - Dr. Tim O'Shea
    Tons of important "alternative" info - see the "Chapters" section.
The Bulletproof Executive -
    Tons of interesting health info from "bio-hacker" Dave Asprey. - ExTension Yoga - Sam Dworkis
    My favorite yoga website. Lots of info on anatomy, approriate yoga.

Self Care For RSI - Sharon Butler
    Everything you need to cure upper body RSI. She is the top expert. - Dragon Door Publications
    Pavel Tsatsouline, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Martial Arts - Books/Videos / Online Articles
Sandy Simmon's Health and Logic Site
    Lots of interesting ideas and info on connective tissue disorders.
Stretching and Flexibility FAQ - Brad Appleton -
    Huge online document with tons of info on stretching and flexibility. - Pete Egoscue
    Author of Pain Free (highly recommended book).
Meir Schneider's School for Self-Healing
    A great teacher of self-healing who cured himself of blindness.
   Hellerwork is an advanced bodywork evolved from Rolfing.
Interview with Joseph Heller
   Founder of Hellerwork. Tons of great info
Dr Joseph Mercola Tons of great info
Mercola 29 Secrets to a Good Nights Sleep
Pilates Studio
The Pilates Guild
PhysicalMind Institue (Pilates)
Sequoia Inndustries (Pilates equipment)
A Pilates Page
Rolf Institute
Rolf Guild
David Gorman's
Alexander Technique
Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Feldenkrais Guild of North America (
Feldenkrais Resources
Somatics (Thomas Hanna)
Soma Shop
AikiWeb - Aikido Information
Tai Chi 2000
National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists
Bonnie Prudden
    Myotherapy, trigger point therapy
Yahoo - Health     Yahoo - Alternative Medicine
Share Guide
Health Page on
Gary Null's Natural Living
Planet Herbs (Michael Tierra)     Planet Herbs - Links Page
    Michael Tierra is the author of The Way of Herbs (best book on herbs)
Herbs First - Dr. Christopher
Internet Fitness Resource
HealthWorld Online
Alternative Medicine Digest
Alternative Health News Online
Thrive Online
Health Central
    Massive amount of medical info (non-alternative).
LifeStyle Pharmacy
Dr. Weil
Dr. Koop
Peter Duesberg
    AIDS dissident. Author of Inventing the AIDS Virus
Rethnking AIDS
CDC List of Diseases
HealthTouch Online
Medicine Net
The Healing Spectrum
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Association of Cancer Online Resources
Essiac Info
Water Cure     Water Cure 2
    Dr "Batman" Batmanghelidj - author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Hypericum (St. John's Wort) and Depression
CyberPump (HIT - High Intensity Training)
    Tons of Online Info about Weight Training
    Home of the Hardgainer strength training philosophy.
Super Slow Exercise Guild (Ken Hutchins)
    Home of the Super Slow strength training philosophy.
Serious Strength (Fred Hahn)
    A Super Slow trainer. Some interesting online articles
Eugene Sandow
Bob Whelan's Natural Strength
    Specialized strength training products/books.
Henry the Thinman's EZBoard Forum - Health and Strength the Natural Way
Clarence Bass
National Council for Exercise Standards
Paul and Patricia Bragg
Life Extension Foundation
Jin Shin Do
Caroline Myss
Louise Hay
HUGE list of Martial Arts Websites
Mensana Clinic
    Some articles and links about pain.
Merck Manual - Home Edition - Online
American Physical Therapy Association
Shinzen Young - Vipassana Meditation
Donald Epstein
An article about stretching - Bob Anderson
Invisible Disabilities
The Ultimate Hemorrhoid Page
International Chiropractors Association
Massage Magazine
American Massage Therapy Association (Massage Therapy Journal)
Deep Tissue Massage
Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals (Massage & Bodywork Magazine)
Erik Dalton
    Dalton is an advanced Rolfer and inventor of MAT - Myoskeletal Alignment Technique
    Some very interesting online articles.
Disability Link Barn
Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma
Undoing Depression
    Richard O'Connor - author of Undoing Depresssion
Internet Mental Health
    Tons of links to all kinds of Mental Health Websites
Secret Shame - Self-Injury Information and Support
    Most Compreshensive site on self-cutting
ANRED - Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders
Alcoholics Anonymous - Ankylosing Spondylitis
Function First
Scoliosis Research Society
Newsweek article - Nourishing Your Brain (Omega-3)
Newsweek article - Religion and the Brain
Stanley Keleman
Benita Cantieni
    Swiss site, in German. She may have a video out in English before too long.
Institute for Neuro Physiological Psycholoy
Artform (Pro-Arch, Master-Stretch, Sculptor)
Radiant Recovery - Kathleen DesMaisons
Foundation for Human Enrichment - Peter Levine
Life Positive
Huna - Serge Kahili King
Energy Arts - Bruce Kumar Frantzis
Anal Fissure Self-help Page
Fitness Wholesale
Buteyko Asthma Management
Upledger Institute (Craniosacral Therapy)
American Osteopathic Association
Fit Senior!
Skinner Releasing Technique
Wholistic Fitness - Steve Ilg
Radiant Recovery
Sleep Foundation
DORway.comAspartame (NutraSweet) is POISON!
National Scoliosis Foundation
Oz Garcia
Article about Mad Cow
Health for Life
Patrick Holford
Say No to Psychiatry
World Natural Health Organization
Upper Cervical
Healthcare Without Harm
Important Article About Diabetes
bodymindresources.comGreat website!
Living With Our Fertility -
Spiral Release
Article: Kettlebells - An Anttidote to the Hype - Raymond Brennan
Linus Pauling Institute
Sacred Sex
scdiet.orgSpecific Carbohydrate Diet (Crohn's, colitis, IBD) Exercise Prescription on the Net
BodyTuning fix teeth with minerals - Ramiel Nagel
CureZone.comHuge collection of alternative health discussion forums
M.A.T (Muscle Activation Technique)
HighIsland.comProstate and Hemorrhoid massagers
www.allencarr.comAllen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center -
Dr. Ray Sahelina M.D.
Ian Jackson - Breathplay for Cyclists
Dr. Jolie Bookspan -
Janice Novak -
Andover Educators -
Pathology Guy - Info on prescription drug side effects Info on dangerous side effects of SSRI medications
philmaffetone.comDr. Phil Maffetone
truthaboutgardasil.orgGardasil info
sanevax.orginfo on Gardasil and other vaccines
Anthony William -

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Chinese proverb: Moving door does not have rusted hinges.

Chinese proverb: When healing patient - better not to use knife.

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