Feldenkrais is a movement awareness therapy developed by the great Moshe Feldenkrais. For more info, see the links below or get some books (see my Body Books page).

Feldenkrais.com Feldenkrais Guild of North America - Locate a teacher.

Feldenkrais Resources Includes a giant listing of books/tapes/videos

Reese Movement Institute

Semio Physics

Somatic Options (Ralph Strauch)

Somatics.de - Robert Schliep

Joseph DellaGrotte

Flowing Body, Flexible Mind (Rich Frye)
     Lots of online Feldenkrais Lessons

Movement Educators Diana and Efrem Razumny

Philippe LEBLOND

Leya Aum

Motion Potion (Nancy-Galeota-Wozny)

Feldenkrais FAQ

Movement Studies Institute (Frank Wildman)
     Lots of online information. (author of The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement)

Columbus Center for Movement Studies (Paul Linden)
     (author of Comfort at Your Computer)

Back Rescue (Felicia Trujillo)

Feldenquest (Yahoo Group)

Australian Feldenkrais Guild

Austrian Feldenkrais Guild

German Feldenkrais Guild

Dutch Feldenkrais Society

Italian Feldenkrais Association

Switzerland (BFS)

Switzerland (SFV)

Feldenkrais Guild UK

Eli Wadler - Tel Aviv

Hans Holter Solhjell (site is in Norwegian)

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