Self Massage

Massage can be very beneficial for several reasons. It can help muscles to relax, help to remove toxins, help to remove adhesions, and through these means, help to regain proper allignment of the muscoloskeletal system. There are all kinds of massage therapies and any type may be useful for different people at different times. There are two main advantages to massaging yourself as opposed to getting massaged by someone else. One, it doesn't cost anything, and two, you have the complete and immediate feedback from your body, which someone else cannot have. You can massage yourself with just your hands or you can use tools, which can make things both much easier and much more effective. There are quite a few very useful massage tools and lots of them are designed specifically for self-massage. You can also use various items such as golf balls or tennis balls (like on the soles of your feet) or you can make tools, maybe carving something out of wood, or I've heard of someone taping two tennis balls together to make a tool like a softer Ma Roller.

Here are some that I use and recommend:

Thera Cane

Can be used all over the body. Is especially good for applying pressure to spots on the back which can't be reached easily with your own hands, like between the shoulder blades. Due to the design, incorporating the principle of leverage, a lot of pressure can be applied with not too much effort. Comes with a book showing many ways it can be used. There are similar products, but this is the classic original, recommended by Bonnie Prudden. Cost is $26-$40. Note over 3,300 reviews at Amazon with an average rating of 94%.


Manufacturer's website:

GRID Foam Roller

I am updating this page in NOV 2016 for the first time in over 3 years to add this foam roller. There are many types of foam rollers, many sizes, brands, models, etc. There are solid ones and hollow ones, which are usually firmer. Doing some research led me to the GRID roller by Trigger Point Performance as the one to get. Note the 2,748 reviews at Amazon with an average rating of 94%. The list price is $45.00. Amazon sells them for $36.00. This is a very popular product which you can find at stores such a Academy Sports. This one is 13" long. They also make one that is 26" long. I got this when I was dealing with a knee problem. Highly recommended for everyone.


Manufacturer's Website:


This is a specialized device used to massage the forearm and lower part of the upper arm. This is a very effective way to apply deep pressure to the arms, and you do it yourself. The Armaid is designed by a massage therapist and is meant to be helpful in conditions such as tendonitis of the elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. This is really an incredible tool, I highly recommend it. Cost is $100.00. (The inventor also sells Thera Canes)

For more info, see this website:

Ma Roller

Designed mainly for the muscles along the sides of the spine. The main use is to lie down on top of the roller. You can roll on it slowly or just apply controlled pressure to trigger points. This is a classic that has been around a while - I got mine about 25 years ago. Cost is $36.

For more info, see this website:

Foot Massage Roller

From the makers of the Ma roller, used to be called the Footsie Roller. Used on the underside of the foot. This can really dig in. Like the Ma Roller, you can roll on it or you can use it to apply pressure to a specific point. Cost is $14.

For more info, see this website:

Dolphin Massager

Excellent low-priced self-massage tool. My favorite uses are digging in to my forearms with the dorsal fin and putting it on the floor (on a yoga sticky mat) to press the soles of my feet into the dorsal fin. Cost is $10-15. I found this at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

For more info, see this website:

The Recapitulator

Have not obtained or used this one, but looks very interesting from the website. ($29.95)

For more info, see this website:

Here is a good source for lots of massage tools:

This is a very interesting website. You can learn a lot by just browsing around on the site. I have ordered stuff from this guy before and been pleased with the service.

Found this site in 2022 -
The Pressure Positive Co -

Also - check - there are hundreds of self-massage tools. Try searching on "massage tool".

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