Some Interesting Stuff
(at least it must have interested me at some point)
Not necessarily in any particular order.

Miles W. Mathis - Check it often!
The Arch Druid Report - John Michael Greer -
Breaking Open the Head - Daniel Pinchbeck
Lots of interesting discussions buried in this old forum. - Brain Science
Library of Halexandria -
Culture Change
Acceleration Watch - John Smart (formerly Singularity Watch)
John Horgan Extensive info on golden section, golden mean
Mack White some comics are online in the Theater section
Boing Boing
The Straight Dope
Interview with Dr Robert Markision A hand surgeon who makes his own shoes. Wow!
David Brake's   - a weblog
eatonweb weblog portal   - index to weblogs
mempool.come   links selected daily with commentary, sortable, searchable
Whole Earth Magazine   Best magazine in the world! Lots of cool articles are online.
Official John C. Lilly homepage
Bill Hicks
Sacred Cow
Internet FAQs Consortium
Michael Cremo & Forbidden Archaeology
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Synergetics on the Web - official site
Bock Saga
US Government Official HAARP Site
Links page from Steven Severin
Big Sur Tapes
Big Sur Tapes - Links Page
Council on Spiritual Practices
Mything Links
Links for Social Change from Michael Moore's website
Spam Page
Anathema Research
Electronics Repair FAQ
Gardening Launch Pad
Transcripts of Interviews with Interesting People for David Chernak Films
A Tribute to Cowboy Boots
Spacetribe B-Links
Terence McKenna Land
Living Lightly
Fractalus - a site dedicated to fractals
Home of Fractint (fractal drawing program)
The Spanky Fractal Database
Fakir Musafar Home Page
Survival Research Laboratories
Some Psychedelic Links
Yahoo - Martial Arts
Home Ed Press (home schooling)
The Trouble with Dilbert
List of Websites About Cats
Cat FAQs
Carlos Castaneda - Tensegrity
Disinformation - Ralph Metzger
Dick Gregory
William S. Burroughs
Robert Anton Wilson
The Bettie Page Page
The Writings of Sanderson Beck
Burning Man
Gnosis Archive
Entropy Gradient Reversals
Ancient Wisdom
Dr. Paradise
Southern Poverty Law Center
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab - Wilhelm Reich
American College of Orgonomy - Wilhelm Reich
Noam Chomsky Archive
Rupert Sheldrake
Dirty Sole Society
This American Life
Douglas Rushkoff
Ralph Nader
Linda Lorraine Gloves
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Skeptics Dictionary
Moon Shadow Visions
The Noam Chomsky Archive
Northern Lights
Charles T. Tart
Cult of the Dead Cow
Personal Empowerment Resources
Skeptic Files
Brain Machines
Clifford Pickover's Reality Carnival
Yaqi's World of Tickling
World Sex News
Amnesty International
International Peace Bureau
Federation of American Scientists
Snopes.comUrban Legends
HealthWrights - Center for Non-Violent Communication
Crop Cirlce Links - Rob Brezsny
Lucky Mojo
Seasteading -
Dave McGowan - a favorite political writer
Reverend Bill - The Church of Stop Shopping Alvin Law is a motivational speaker who has no arms Free Energy Research Forum
Temple Grandin - It's All About Love
Brenda Schaefer - Love, Healthy Relationships, Love Addiction
Radical Honesty Neil Young's electric car Skip Tracer and Privacy Expert
www.johnzerzan.netAnti-civilization, anarcho-primitivist

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