"Movies are the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts. When I go to a great movie I can live someone else's life for a while. I can walk in somebody else's shoes. I can see what it feels like to be a member of a different gender, a different race, a different economic class, to live in a different time, to have a different belief." Roger Ebert

>>>Slade's Favorite and Recommended Documentary Films<<<

>>>Slade's Favorite and Recommended Feature Films<<<

Bicycle Films

Documentaries about Human Sexuality

Documentaries about Pornography

Documentaries about Depleted Uranium

Yoga Videos

Apollo Moon Landings

A Bunch of Links (perhaps somewhat random):

Info / Reviews / Criticism - Michael Glover Smith's Blog
This is my current favorite site for discovering and reading about films. (I found it in early 2013). Smith teaches film studies in Chicago. Lots of reviews and best-of lists.

They Shoot Pictures Don't They? -
Some large lists of films, and a big list of movie- related links:

Senses of Cinema -

Senses of Cinema Links page - .

Film Threat - .

Rotten Tomatoes Review Aggregate Site.

Movie Review Query Engine - Review Argregate Site. Review Aggreagate Site.

Roger Ebert

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Massive Database

All Movie Guide
I use Amazon for reference and reviews as well as to obtain DVDs. Rent DVDs!
Independent blog for Netflix news and information.

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Some Independent Distributors

The Criterion Collection -

Artsploitation -

Cinema Guild -

Plexifilm -

First Run Features -

Mystic Fire

Icarus Films -

New Day Films

Fine Line Features

Factory 25 -

DVDs - Physcial Discs - The Actual Artifacts
If you aren't into streaming, and want to watch and/or own DVD or Bluray discs, you might find you are in the minority, as the massess turn to streaming. So here are some ideas for renting or purchasing DVDs.

Since I am oriented to DVDs, my movie pages have links to Amazon and to the official sites, where DVDs can sometimes be bought directly from the filmmakers. is my main source for buying DVDs. I often look for the cheapest price from 3rd party sources, preferring the quality level to be "Very Good", "Like New", or "New". I have very rarely had any trouble dealing with Amazon sellers. When looking for something really obscure, I might also look at Amazon's German or British sites. If you have an Amazon account, your password, payment info, etc, should work on all of their sites. You can also use Google Translate to translate languages.

As of 2015, Netflix is still renting plenty of DVDs, although they have largley shifted to streaming. They don't seem to be getting as many obscure newer titles. But they still probably have the largest library (around 100,000.

I recently found out about Facets. They have a library of about 70,000 DVDs that are available for rental through the mail.

GreenCine is another company who rents DVDs by mail, with a library of about 30,000 DVDs.

Ebay often has the lowest price when searching for obscure DVDs. And sometimes you can find bootlegs from Asia for titles which might otherwise be unavailable or expensive. sells DVDs of officially out-of-print movies.

Public libraries "rent" DVDs for free. And you may be able to request titles that your library does not have. They might get them from another library for you or they might order a title for their collection at your request. Most public libraries.

Some Film Festivals List of Film Festivals - Wikipedia -

Sundance -

South by Southwest - Austin, Texas -

Cannes Film Festival - France -

Roger Ebert's Film Festival -

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - Missoula Montana -

New Directors / New Films -

Objects in Movies

Guns in Movies:

Internet Movie Firearms Database -

This is a large and serious site. Over 3700 films listed as 03/14.

Cars in Movies:

Internet Movie Car Database -

Planes in Movies:

Internet Movie Plane Database -

Watches in Movies:

Watches in Movies -

About 840 films as of 03/14.

Typewriters in Movies:!typewriters-in-movies/c1j9r

Computers in Movies and TV:

Starring the Computer -

Mopeds in Movies:

Mopeds in Movies - - Database of Cameras/Lenses used in films - Journal of Short Films


Yahoo - Movies and Film        Yahoo - Directors

Film Resources Online

Piero Scaruffi's Guide to Websites on Cinema Massive amount of film info. Video Search of Miami (rare out of print films on DVD)

DocumentaryFilms.Net (IDA - International Documentary Association)

Documentary Educational Resources

Reel Views - James Berardinelli

Online Film Critics Society


Blockbuster - Movies

Animation World Network

Sundance Channel

Indie Film Page

Independent Film Magazine

Movies with a Conscience - List on Peaceweb

Teach with Movies


Artistic License

Something Weird

Third World Newsreel

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